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Do Not Throw Out Your Old Electronics! You Can Craft Some Neat, Nostalgic, and Vintage Items With Some Old, Household Goods

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Computer keyboards pictures

Nerd culture is the new cool. The generation of folks now in their mid to late 20s grew up playing video games, and have been lucky enough to see the advent of technology blossom just as they did. And with this exposure that we have had, we have been able to dictate that technology and video games play a more crucial role in our lives than any generation ever before. With the quickly growing advances in tech, we also have a great deal more to reminisce about. Everyone has that moment where they fondly discuss their first computer, that was three times the size of anything on the market now. Or, my favorite discussion, getting nostalgic about old school video games and the systems on which we grew up, and clocked countless hours.

With all of this old technology just sort of floating out in the eth