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Are You Safe On The Internet?

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Tracking is creepy. But legal. The Federal Trade Commission actually monitors tracking activities. For real. Asia is home to roughly 44 percent of Internet users. There 240 million people on the Internet in the U.S. today. That is a lot of Internet use and a lot of tracking across a lot of different devices. Competitive analysis between markets is always discovering new ways to keep our information safe. How can you be sure you are safe on the Internet? Do you have online privacy software or an anonymizer? Have you read any competitive analysis about how your anonymizer is really working?

How important is anonymous browsing and anonymous surfing? It is pretty important, no matter which devise you are doing for browsing from. Nearly 60 percent of all mobile browsing happens from iOS based smartphones and tablets where as only 27 percent comes from Android based devices. Regardless of there you are surfing from, your VPN has a very important job to do. VPN, or Virtual Private Network, encrypts the data being transmitted over your phone or computer to prevent hackers from intercepting it. How is your VPN doing? Have you read any competitive analysis to see if there is more you should be doing to protect yourself?

And again, why is IP address privacy so important? When your information is intercepted it can give access to the bad guys. Bad guys know all about competitive analysis. We should too. Bad guys who will steal your personal information and steal your credit card information. Bad guys can cause virtual havoc to your world. Please people, be safe out there.

How Wireless Home Security Helps Protect a Home

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Alarm system for homes

There are nearly 2 million home burglaries reported in the U.S. each year. Despite these numbers, burglars know; which homes have house alarm systems, and which do not. In fact, those without home security alarms are three times more likely to be burglarized than those without them. To protect your home, install one of the best home security systems, and opt for wireless home security alarms.

Wireless home security alarms have advantages over traditional alarm systems. For one, home security alarms can be placed anywhere, and have a number of functionalities, like motion sensing and pressure sensitivity. For another, wireless home security alarms do not have wires. These features make them easy to maintain, and very unlikely to be sabotaged.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to wireless alarm systems is that they are self installed. Wireless alarm systems take only a few hours to set up properly, and can last a lifetime. This means that you know your system intimately, and can repair it when a problem does arise. It also means that you can have piece of mind in knowing that you secured your family and your possessions.