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Get the Most from Your Direct Mail Advertising with These Tips

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Many businesses use direct mail marketing because it works. In 2014, $44.5 billion was spent in the United States on this kind of marketing. Its efficacy may be due to the fact that so many people enjoy checking their mail. At least 62% of Americans say that they like looking at their mail (at least 63% of Canadians feel the same way). Not only do people like checking their mail, they like direct mail materials. At least 73% of American consumers say they prefer to get marketing in the mail than other ways because they say they can review it and digest it on their own schedule. If your company wants to increase its client and customer base, it might be worth it to look at this. You do not have to plan your campaigns months in advance, you can go with 24 hour rush printing or do it within a few weeks.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Direct Marketing Campaign:

  • Provide something your customers and clients can use. Nearly 84% of promotional materials that have a company’s logo are retained by people who receive them. Send people items they can use, and they will use them. Notepads, phone books and pens are always needed by most people. It may cost a little more to send these out in the mail but you will increase your reach by doing this. Think about what your customers and clients need.
  • Give people a deal that has an expiration date. If you sell a seasonal product like flea protection for cats and dogs, send a coupon that needs to be used right away. Your mailer does not have to have been printed in a 24 hour rush printing job to have an urgency to it. The date should not be two days after your mailer goes out but within a few weeks. This will also help you see how successful your campaign is.
  • Lumpy mail gets open more often. If you are sending mail that needs to be opened, you need to make sure (as much as you can) that recipients actually open it. Flat mail has a much lower open rate than mail that is lumpy. People get curious about what is making that package lumpy so they open it. This is another reason to include some promotional item that your customer and client base can actually use. Some estimate that this kind of mail has an open rate of nearly 100%.
  • Do you have product samples you can include? Do you sell a product for which you can send samples? These are often great for mailers and to get people into your shop. If you sell specialty pet food, send some pet treats. These interactive mail pieces have a high return on investment.
  • Be creative but smart with your text. Think about how much time your average person will spend reading your mailer. Regardless of if you spent a lot of time printing it or did a 24 hour rush printing job, most people do not have a long attention span, nor do they spend a lot of time looking at your mailer so you need to make your text creative and impactful. Make it easy to read and punchy.
  • Consider sending your mail with a stamp. Mail that has been sent through a machine for the postage to be added looks different than mail with a stamp and people do respond differently to each kind of mail. You mail will look more personal if it has a stamp on it. Price out your options and try one of your mailings with stamps. Monitor that and see if your response rate is better. It can be worth the extra money to get a better return on investment.

People do not always consider mass mailings they get to be “junk mail.” If you use a good printing company, and 24 hour rush printing jobs are sometimes very cost effective if you can capitalize on an external event or opportunity, you should, you can get a lot from your direct mail marketing campaigns. The main thing is to make your mailers useful, impactful and helpful to your customer and client base.



Why Your Company Needs to Get in the Company of SEO Marketing Companies in Order to Succeed

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If you’re in business, they you need to make the business of SEO marketing companies your business! Search engine optimization or SEO marketing companies provide a range of digital marketing services in addition to local SEO services, including social media marketing, content marketing, and even web development and design. These are just some of the essential services that can make or break your business, and are necessary in order to spread the word about the products or services you have to offer. They also help your customers to interact and connect with your brand in some pretty amazing ways!

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Between managing your employees, attending to the daily needs of your business, and trying to grow your business, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and event confused, especially when it comes to keeping up with digital marketing trends. The truth is, you really don’t have to. What you do have to do is rely on the digital marketing services that SEO marketing companies provide.

Once upon a time not too long ago, the digital marketing services that SEO marketing companies provided were regarded as a “snake oil” of sorts, with many companies reluctant to put faith in something that they felt was necessary. But cold, hard facts, as well as the way consumers rely so heavily on the internet, were determined to prove otherwise. Now, if a business chooses not to use digital marketing of any kind, they’re really missing out and run the risk of running their business into the ground!

You have a lot to worry about when it comes to managing your business, so why not have someone else worry about your digital marketing? You’re an expect in your industry or field, so why not leave digital marketing up to the professionals? It’s more of a science than an art, but nonetheless it requires a lot of expert creativity and skill in order to execute effectively. There are many advantages to working with SEO marketing companies, with the most obvious being increased reach and brand awareness. Even if you’re the best in your field, if no one knows about it, are you really the best?

Tips for Better Circuit Board Prototyping

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The global market for prototype circuit boards is huge. In 2012, it had gotten almost to $60 billion. This represented nearly 1.7% growth from 2011 as reported in 2012’s IPC’s World PCB Production Report. Printed circuit board construction comes in three main types: single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layered. There are two other kinds of circuit assemblies. These are related to the printed circuit board. They are the integrated circuit (IC or microchip) and the hybrid circuit.

Tips for Circuit Board Prototyping:

Make your corners rounded. This is also called radiusing the corners but that is just a way of saying “round the corners.” It is easier to make prototype printed circuit boards fit the space where they are going to have to live once they are done. Now, unlike boards where you need chemical to etch them, you are cutting these. That means you have some more flexibility in how to make the corners fit the took you are using. There are several benefits to having rounded corners. Your board will look more graceful. You will reduce the milling time.

Adjust your pads individually. You need to make sure there is enough space between the SMD pads and components for your tool. You can go in and adjust the pads directly. Keep in mind that there will always been to be adequate contact between the parts and the pads for the entire system to function. If you are more of a novice in this area, there are some resources you can consult. Most circuit board prototyping software has documentation that can help you in this area. Check it out.

Check out Otherplan’s BitBreaker mode. Want to adjust the feeds, speeds and trade clearance? There is an app for that. Otherplan’s Bit Breaker mode lets you do all of that and a whole lot of other cool things for your circuit board prototyping. You should not start using the software in this mode until you have mastered using it in the default mode. Using the BitBreaker mode is also problematic if you are not all that familiar with working with feeds and speeds.

Give everything the space it needs. Like with most things that are this size, it is hard to resist the desire to cram as much in as possible. The problem is you need to leave some room for the wires. Make sure you leave at least a little room (leave more than you think you will need) between the different components for your wires. As you add pins to the components, you will need to leave more space. This will make things a lot easier later.

Orient your components in the same direction. Most of the time, the standard pin numbering for components goes from the first pin in the upper-left corner and then the others are oriented from that. If you keep to the standard plan, you will have an easier time later when inspecting components or soldering everything.

Check your sizes by printing the layout. After you have laid everything out. go ahead and print it out to scale. You can then take that printout and place all of the components on top of it to make sure you have gotten your sizes all done correctly. Make sure everything matches the way you wanted it to.

Learn the manufacturer’s specifications. Every manufacturer is a little different in how they do things. They often have their own trace width, number of layers, spacing and the list goes on. Before you begin any circuit board prototyping, you should make sure you are working with the right specifications. Ideally, you will have researched and found a manufacturer whose specifications are in line with your requirements. Do not forget to consider what kind of material your design will need. The circuit board’s durability, moisture absorption, strength and flame resistance are all impacted by the type of material used so keep that in mind as you work on your design.


SEO Services Provide the Best of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

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The fact that chancellor of the University of California at Davis Linda P.B. Katehi is still in the news speaks to the power of search engine optimization (SEO). Katehi came under attack two weeks ago when The Sacramento Bee revealed that the UC Davis campus paid consultants at least $175,000 to minimize internet postings of a 2011incident. Those posting were both videos and pictures of a campus police officer pepper-spraying peaceful student protesters.
As a result of all of those posts, prospective students and their parents may have been presented with these images instead of the campus information and the admissions process that they were looking for. According to Katehi, she simply followed the practice that many universities and respected companies are dong by hiring an SEO firm to market the their school. Katehi’s opponents, on the other hand, contend that she was attempting to bury the negative images with paid content about more positive news.
While it may never be possible to understand the UC Davis Chancellor’s intent, the entire story solidifies what the wisest marketing firms know about the impact of SEO services. Clearly, SEO content drives the exposure your company will receive. The fact that the practice of hiring SEO services is somewhat common in higher education and for a variety of non-profits proves that it is integral in today’s advertising, marketing, and public relations work.
How Can a Local SEO Company Help Your Marketing Plan?

What is your company doing to keep its name at the top of the list? If the name of your business does not appear at the top of internet searches you likely are not getting the customer response that you want. Working with a local SEO company may be the best way for you to improve your company’s internet presence.
Did you know, for example, that as many as 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine? Your company may provide the best products or the best service, but if you are not topping those lists of internet experiences you may not get noticed. While word of mouth and customer referrals may have once been enough to keep businesses profitable, it is becoming more and more essential to have a strong internet presence and a user friendly website. In fact, SEO is rated as the most effective lead generation approach. Nearly 35% of marketers indicate that SEO services are ?very effective.?