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How Text Analysis is Helping to Keep Our Country a Safer Place

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Unstructured text

The Internet has given rise to an incredible amount of text being generated at any one given time. Newspapers, magazines, journals, and other sources of information all produce online written content in addition to their print material, while some may operate exclusively online. And when it comes to personal use, social media and blogs have increased the amount of content online. According to the International Data Corporation, the digital universe will be over 40 ZB by 2020, meaning that almost 2 MB of new information is created by every person every second of every day. Government organizations and businesses rely on text analytics, entity matching services, and geotagging to help parse through this information — it can help improve security measures and tell businesses how to best appeal to their customer base.

Tell Me More About Text Analysis

The field of text analytics
is that of turning unstructured text data into actual meaningful data to be analyzed. This data can be used to quantify customer opinions, reviews of products or services, feedback, sentiment analysis, as well as entity extraction to help them make decisions based off facts, not guesses. Businesses often use text analytics to review and analyze customer data and security and/or government agencies use it to research people. Currently, the current value of this market is around $3 billion and is expected to double, hitting almost $6 billion by 2020.

One arm of text analysis is that of text mining, which is made up of four steps. The first step in the process is information retrieval, followed by natural language processing, then information extraction, and lastly data mining. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), under 1% of data is analyzed, but text mining can help us access that missing 99% of data. Additionally, this service can prove extremely helpful to businesses in the following three ways.

Firstly, it can give the business or entity a more precise understanding of what’s going on across a wide range of documents or other sources. Secondly, it can give them a more exact risk, compliance, and threat detection service. And lastly, it can help boost customer engagement using natural language processing to show what customers are thinking early on.

How Does Entity Matching Fit In?

Entity matching is a key part of data integration. In essence, entity matching identifies an entity that’s referring to the real-world entity. This can be a tricky process, thanks to acronyms, abbreviations, slang, or numerous things sharing the same name. For example, “strand” could be referring to the English word like “a strand of thread” or the German word, “strand” which refers to a beach. Entity matching is often connected with record linkage as a way of correctly identifying entities across data.

How Do Services Like Big Data Analysis Help Keep Us Safe Or Help Advertisers?
One application that text analytics has often been used for is border security. It can help support and strengthen these efforts in three big ways. First, it can locate dangers occurring near borders or during screening. It can pinpoint potential dangers that will need to be followed up on and lastly, it can predict future issues that could occur at borders. Security agencies can also use big data analysis or text mining to uncover plots and keep a tight tab on cyber security at large.

For big businesses, this type of analysis can help them figure out what’s working in their business or locate items or services that aren’t selling well or that aren’t favorable among customers. If they can catch it early enough, they can make changes to their product and minimize losses early in the game. They can also keep an eye on larger marketplace trends and what’s working, thereby expanding on those trends and increasing sales.

It’s a hidden world that many people don’t see, but it’s vital to many different aspects of our lives. Businesses looking to stay a step ahead should know that it’s in their best interest to invest in text analytics or identity resolution software.

Understanding the Strong Foundation of a Good Digital Marketing Campaign

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Cloud computing

Are you looking for the best digital marketing strategy? Do you want a marketing strategy that is sure to attract attention and bring customers to you? This is what many businesses aim for when creating a digital marketing campaign. Unfortunately, many businesses focus on the completion of the campaign and the final goal, without really considering what it takes to create the best campaign.

Look at your digital marketing budget

Before you throw your entire digital marketing budget into social, consider what your maximum budget is. This will help you prepare how much should go into each allocation. Business marketing should be thought of as an ongoing process. It is not a one and done type of marketing. Consider your yearly marketing budget for digital. From here, divide it into each month. This is your monthly digital budget. Now, you want to decide what percentage of that budget goes to each area. You want to focus on professional website development, cloud providers for a secure website, computer maintenance and upkeep, digital marketing services, and search engine optimization campaigns. A digital marketing company can help you create a detailed budget based on your individual needs.

Consider where your customers are currently at

With a digital marketing campaign, you want to reach both your current customers and new, potential customers. In order to keep in touch with them, however, you have to know where to find them. Where are your current customers at the most? Are they visiting your website? Are they on your social media accounts? Are they using Email as the primary form of communication? Business marketing is about knowing the best ways to reach out to your customers. Once you figure this part of your campaign out, keep consistent with communication. It will keep you fresh in your current customer’s minds.

Know where new customers are at

In addition to knowing where your current customers are, you also want to know how to find your new targeted customer base. If you think that social media is an untouched digital market, for example, it might be helpful to allocate additional digital marketing funds to create a social media campaign. If you primarily using your website to attract new customers, you will need to place a priority on increased security. Cloud providers, if not handled properly, can result in a security breach. Customers will begin to view your website as not trustworthy.

Focus on what gets your customers attention

The content that you put on your website, social media, and anywhere else on the internet is very important. An estimated 70% of content marketers say that blogging has increased their brand awareness. Additionally, an estimated 93% of marketers use social media for business. Utilize these important digital marketing tools to grow your business, just make sure you are providing content that is relevant, interesting, and useful. This is the best way to ensure brand loyalty and to keep your customers coming back multiple times. It can also increase your visibility. Companies that blog have an average of 434% more indexed pages than those who do not blog.

Do not skimp on digital security

Without a strong digital security plan, your digital marketing efforts could be diminished. Suffering even a single data threat can put you back at the beginning. Customers will no longer trust your site and you will find it difficult to attract new ones. A business IT support with secure cloud providers is extremely important and should act as a foundation for the overall security of your site.

Digital marketing is quickly taking over the marketing world. With increasing digital budgets and more users than ever on the internet, digital marketing can be a very successful growth tool. Creating a budget and allocating specific funds to each area will give you the most success. Additionally, ensure security and strong cloud providers for increased data safety.

Why You Need Tech Experts For Your Business

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Semantic entity

The first edition of the iPhone was released in the year of 2007 and there is no doubt that this device has grown to change our lives. Now, obviously the iPhone is not the only piece of technology that has infiltrated our everyday lives, but it is a big part of the changes that we see every single day. Technology has changed how people live their lives and has now even come to change how people interact with businesses and products today.

When it comes to all things technological if you are not a tech expert you should hire in the experts to help you. Understanding semantic extraction, smart geotagging, social media data analysis, and structured data structured text are not easy. That is why you need the help of real experts to help you handle identity resolution software.

Hiring experts to handle text analytics can help you support and strength border security in three major ways. This includes identifying dangers near borders and at a screening time, identifying potential dangers that need follow-up, and forecasting future issues at borders. This helps you get on top of any issues that may come along with identity resolution software.

The International Data Corporation, or IDC, estimates that less than 1% of all data is ever analyzed which means that text mining can help to bridge the gap to the missing 99%. Facebook produces an enormous amount of data every single second and has almost 2 billion monthly active users across the entire world. The value of the text analytics market today is at an estimated $3 billion and is forecasted to reach nearly $6 billion by the year 2020.

The practice of finding and linking mentions of the same entity across and within data sets are referred to as entity resolution. The three primary tasks of this process are called record linkage, canonicalization, and deduplication, in no particular order. The four steps that are involved in the text mining process are called information retrieval, natural language processing, information extraction, and data mining.

Over the past decade, there has been a ridiculously large amount of information created. According to the International Data Corporation, the digital universe is going to reach over 40 ZB by the year we reach 2020 because there is almost 2 MB of new information created every single second by one person each.

The process of text mining can actually be beneficial to a business just like identity resolution software. It can help in three major ways which include providing more accurate insights across a broader range of documents and sources, it can help provide accurate risk, compliance, and even threat detection; it can also help to provide better customer engagement by using natural languages to process and generate early insights into what a customer thinks.

In Conclusion

There is no question that you will see benefits to your business once you begin engaging with the digital world. Blogging has been known to help produce greater traffic for businesses across the globe. Also, so many businesses engage in trying to get better search engine optimization results so that traffic can be even greater for a business or website. Allow the digital world to make your business better and to make your life better. It will go a long way for you to pay for the best possible identity resolution software in order to help give your business an advantage over your competition.

3 Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction at Your Hotel

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Hotel management system

Do you follow the guideline that the customer is always right and companies should work to please them? It can be tricky managing your own expectations with those of the customer at times. However, it is crucial to your business? success to make sure that people are pleased with your company before they become customers and just as pleased after they?ve received your product or services. That way they become lifelong customers that you can rely and depend on to return to your business and recommend your business to their friends and family. This is especially true if your own and operate a hotel or bed and breakfast. You want to guarantee your customers? satisfactions so they spread the word to others.

Interested in learning more about how to make your hotel the best it can be? Keep reading for information about software and systems you should have in place to make customers happy.

3 Ways to Focus on Customer Satisfaction at Your Hotel

If you?re not setting goals to make your business oriented around the customer, it?s time to start doing this. The customer should be at the forefront of your mind at all times. Without them, your business wouldn?t have the opportunity to find success. Here?s three ways to start focusing on the customer so that you can watch your business grow and flourish.

1. Easy-to-use website

More now than ever, customers are looking for hotels and bed and breakfasts online. That means you need to have a top of the line website that is easy for them to navigate and use. When consumers are planning their trips, more than 50% are doing so on their mobile devices. This means having a website isn?t enough anymore. It has to be a website that works well on mobile phones. Potential customers want to be able to find all the information they need on your website on their phones with no difficulties.

2. Hotel reservations software

Once a consumer has found your website, they want to be able to easily book a room. This means you need to have top of the line hotel reservations software, as well. The best hotel software systems will make your hotel look more professional to potential consumers. In addition to considering the price of your hotel and its location, more than 40% of people are interested in immediately finding a way to book online. Make sure you?re not falling behind in having the best hotel technology to please your customers. Start searching for hotel reservations software today to improve your business and impress consumers.

3. Customer service

Whether you?re speaking with a potential customer on the phone, helping them face-to-face, or responding to an email, customer service is always important. Everyone who works at your hotel should understand that customers should be treated with respect and a friendly demeanor at all times. One of the best ways to guarantee that you will have returning customers and customers who leave nice reviews and recommendations is by treating them kindly at all stages of their visit.

This is a great way to build loyalty overall with your customers. Statistics show that building loyalty is a great way to increase profit every year. If you build loyalty with only 5% of your customers, you can see an increased profit by up to 100% per customer.

Believe it or not, when having difficulties with a company, more than 96% of customers are likely to be disloyal to the company. If they have to put in a lot of effort with a company, their dissatisfaction rises. That?s why it can be so beneficial to offer the best services like hotel reservations software and great customer service. Each of these small changes to your business could result in an increased profit by the end of the year. Not to mention, it could result in an even more promising future if customers recommend your hotel and leave positive reviews on your site.

What systems and software does your hotel or bed and breakfast use to increase customer satisfaction? How do you train your employees to focus on customer service throughout their day? Let us know in the comments about your experience updating software at your hotel.