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Pros and Cons of Ultrasonc Testing

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Computerized tomography

Non destructive testing is the term used to describe the group of techniques used to analyze the properties of a material or component or even a system without any damage. No permanent alteration happens during the process of non destructive testing so the technique is becoming both highly popular and valuable. A lot of money can be saved during the evaluation and the research because of how it is done. The whole idea of NDT testing is very attractive to engineers and research analysts because of the technology it includes in its methods. Being able to fully understand and examine an object without having to change the integrity of the article in any way is a big step for technology.


How Physically Printed Media Has Stayed Popular Despite the Internet’s Burgeoning Popularity

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The world of printing is as big as it’s ever been! Don’t let the “paperless or go home” folks of the world fool you. People still love great, high quality stationery and nothing yet beats a beautifully printed professional photograph, even in 2016. Digital printing companies and online printing companies have taken over quite a bit of the market share, though people still love their printed items. For example, each day — that’s each day, citizens of the united states print up 27,397,260 business cards. Daily! Imagine playing 52-card-pickup with that amount of business cards — it would take years to finish the game!

It’s not just that we have a necessity for these items, either. Studies show that peopl