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Blind and Buried Vias and Their Role in The World of Circuit Board Prototyping

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Pcb assembly

Prototype printed circuit boards are quite complex, and each separate board is created with a specific purpose in mind. This can mean anything from having a board as small as one layered, to small batch pcb assembly made with numerous different layers.

The problem with all of these layers is that there is a lack of space for the engineers to work. This is where blind and buried vias come in as a means to save space but not compromise components.

Here is a beginner guide on these interesting techniques for pcb fabrication and assembly.

What is the difference between blind and buried vias?

A blind via is a copper hole that connects only one outer layer to one or more inner layered. These are only used to connect one component, and you are able to see the connection when it is on the board.

A buried via is also copper plated, but it connects one or more outer layers to one or more inner layers. Simply put, these are used most often if there are multiple components, as these vias cannot be seen by the naked eye as they are buried underneath the outer layers of the pcb.

However, both of these vias do require a special separate drill file, so if you are considering this technique for prototype assembly, you have to be prepared.

What are the advantages of utilizing the blind and buried via technique?

  • It does not get in the way of the surface mount components that are necessary for the PCB to function. Meaning they can offer more processing power for a smaller area without compromising any fabrication techniques.
  • The SMD layers are able to be placed over the buried vias, and you won’t have to worry about compromising processing.
  • It is cost-effective in the long run as while it may take extra time at first to create, but since there are more components you are able to sell your PCBs for a higher price.

As one can see, blind and buried vias are great from small batch PCB assembly. Contact your nearest PCB manufacturer to learn more. See this reference for more. Check out this website for more.

Employee Turnover Rates Rising By The Year How Your Company Can Encourage Employee Retention

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Human resources executive search firms

Let’s talk employee hiring practices. Do you feel like your business is ahead of the curve? When employee turnover rates are threatening to suck your company down and you’re not sure how to go about practicing diverse hiring initiatives, it’s time to admit to a weak link in the chain and seek out executive search consultants. Rather than simply staffing your company for you they help you with the ins and outs of a smart hire, from recognizing a proper skills match to helping your company hold up against increasingly diverse competition.

What Causes Employee Turnover Rates?

Starting off the list with one of the most aggravating elements for employees and businesses alike, employee turnover rates are a result of employee dissatisfaction, poor hiring practices and more. Considering the time and effort it takes for an employee to find a similar job match as well as a business a similar employee skill set, it stands to reason these aren’t decisions to make lightly. So why treat your practices that way? Executive search consultants can walk you through this process and make it smoother than ever before by providing ideas and pinpointing flaws.

Why Is Diversity Important To Businesses?

An issue you might have heard cropping up here and there is that of a proper diversity hire. Focusing on providing a working base that accurately reflects multiple demographics, how diverse your company is from the ground up can be a major deciding factor in your success. McKinsey has been conducting ongoing research to assess the benefits of diversity and the results have been staggering. Not only are gender-diverse companies 15% more likely to outperform their less gender-diverse peers, ethnically-diverse companies are 35% more likely to do the same in the long-term.

Why Is Diversity Important To Customers?

Not only are smart hires good for your business model, they’re good for your customers. Nowadays consumers are more likely to spend their hard-earned time and money on businesses that accurately reflect their lifestyles. Similarly, hiring across the board allows you to understand the nuance that comes with addressing and providing for a varied client base. Little differences or interests that might have gone over your head otherwise can be discovered with the aid of new and fresh perspectives, putting you miles ahead of the competition.

How Can I Increase Employee Happiness?

Executive search consultants should help you with everything it takes to make an employee want to stay with your company. This includes providing engaging ideas that can see employees feeling properly appreciated, recognized and supported throughout the year. Studies have shown 85% of companies with employee recognition programs noticing a significant increase in worker happiness rates.

Why Should I Seek Out An HR Consultant?

No single method has all the answers. HR consultants can help you help yourself on your way to a more harmonious and successful business model. Hiring smart includes being transparent about the position’s expectations and finding solid matches, but also keeping an eye out for employees that represent a more diverse future. Poor skills matches and unclear objectives are some of the most common issues standing in the way of long-lasting hires, so make sure you focus on these objectives over the year with the aid of an outplacement company and see the difference it makes.

How Construction Crews Keep Everyone Safe During Road Construction

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Fast installation bridge

Have you ever driven by a construction site on a highway, railway bridge or or access road? This types of construction can feel like a nuisance when we?re trying to take our normal paths every day. Whether we?re heading to work, the grocery store, school or to run some errands, any type of construction can put a dent in our plans. Therefore, you?ve probably never stopped to really look at the construction site and to observe the safety protocols or excavation support methods the construction crew follows to make sure the site is safe and secure. Without excavation support method and short term solutions for driving near construction, these types of construction sites could cause a lot more issues in your day-to-day travel.

Sometimes it feels like road construction is happening around all the time. But, it happens so that we can have safe roadways to get where we need to go quicker and more efficiently. On highways and road construction alone in 2015, the United States spent 90 billion dollars. By 2020, that number is expected to increase to 99.4 billion dollars. Without such an investment, roads would be closed down or inefficient to drive on, and we would have to resort to other temporary road usage.

When we think about bridges, we probably don?t realize that different types of bridges require construction, too. Currently, there are 607, 380 bridges in the United States. The average age of these bridges is 42 years old, and one in nine of these bridges are deemed structurally deficient to drive across. That means each day there are two hundred million trips taken across bridges that are deficient across 102 large metropolitan areas. This is another reason why it is important to stand behind the need for construction to make bridges and roadways safe for all drivers.

There are plenty of rules set in place to make sure construction crews keep sites safe and secure. One requirement is the use of excavation support methods. In construction, excavation is defined as earth removal like a man-made cut, a cavity or a depression in the surface of the earth. There are also trenches which are deeper than they are wide.

Some excavation support methods that are used are making sure to pile excavated soil in certain ways and in certain places. For instance, all piles must be two feets away from the trenches. This keeps the process efficient so there isn?t soil falling into the excavation that is being dug. By using such excavation support methods, construction can move right along so that there is less interference in the timeline to complete the construction project.

When digging trenches, there are other protective systems and sometimes even a trench shield that must be set in place depending on how deep the trench is. If they are deeper than 20 feet, a registered professional engineer is required to design the protective system for the trench. Additionally, it is required by the OSHA that excavations have safe access for construction workers. So, ladders, steps and ramps are used for excavations that are four feet or deeper. The rule goes so far as to say these items must be within 25 feet of the workers at all times.

Given that eight out of 10 drivers stated they prefer when construction takes place during off-peak hours or at night, it is clearly important to the public that construction crews are both safe and efficient when completing their projects.

How do you feel about construction on roadways and bridges and the use of excavation support methods? Let us know in the comments if you have ever experienced road construction that was completed safely and quickly.

HDMI Cables, CAT5 Cables And Accessories Where Do I Even Get Started?

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Cat5e crossover cable

Thinking of throwing together the ultimate home entertainment systems? You’ll need to brush up on your cables. While that doesn’t sound like fun, rest easy knowing they’re rather easy to learn. When you’ve got videogames to play and movies to watch, the last thing you want is sub-par equipment that could affect the quality of your media. Additional accessories, such as your cellphone or webcam, can also be retrofitted into your entire entertainment system to ensure one harmonious location for all your streaming and viewing pleasure. Let’s dive into a crash course on how to piece together the right wires, CAT5 crossover cable and Ethernet so you can stop fussing and start relaxing.

What Are HDMI Cables Used For?

First things first. You’ll want HDMI cables when hooking up your television, though knowing which one to choose from depends on the set-up. The HDMI 1.4 is designed first and foremost to accommodate 3D Blu-ray disc standards, with the additional capacity of passing two 1080p signals using a single connection. Think your entertainment system will be on the complex side? Don’t settle for less! HDMI can also pass video resolutions from 480i to 4K, perfect for those who like to stream or really get into their films.

What Are CAT Cables Used For?

What about a CAT5 crossover cable? These colorful cables are used for your Ethernet connections and should be deeply considered before you get to piecing everything together. CAT5 cables aren’t the newest model around, but they’re still able to get the job done and in good fashion. CAT5e cables provide higher Ethernet speeds and are ideal for those who like to stream or multitask with their entertainment system. A CAT5 crossover cable can also hook up to other hardware.

What About My Phone?

For those who have an iPhone that could use a little extra space, cell phone cables should be first on your list. Studies have shown there are a whopping 100 million iPhone users in the United States alone. Even neater? An average of 400 iPhones are sold every single minute. So far the Apple corporation has released nine generations of the iPhone, making it the second largest smartphone vendor in the world and one that has plenty of accessories to accommodate you. If you have an old or damaged cell phone charger, however, you may want to keep reading…

What Should I Avoid?

There are a few tips you should keep in the back of your mind when buying a CAT5 crossover cable and setting up your entertainment system. The biggest involves, believe it or not, your phone. Since people like to charge their phone nearby, a common problem is that of frayed or damaged cell phone chargers. These are a notorious fire hazard and one that sees hundreds of fires caused through electrical malfunctions in the United States every year. Remember there are also four types of HDMI cables, too — Standard, Standard with Ethernet, High Speed and High Speed with Ethernet. Now that you’re a little caught up on the basics, starting your entertainment system shouldn’t be too hard at all!

How Do I Set Up My Entertainment System?

Now for a little refresher. You want HDMI cables if you like to watch high-quality shows and film, while CAT cables are designed for Ethernet purposes. For those that stream, play online videogames and like to multitask the CAT5e can get the job done. All Ethernet cables will have four twisted pairs of wires, with said twist preventing interference and ensuring a smooth connection. A damaged or frayed charger should be thrown out immediately to reduce the risk of a fire or electrocution, while surge protectors will save your hardware and money both in case of a storm or power outage. Your entertainment system doesn’t have to be a chore. Let it be your next great project on the way to the ultimate media lifestyle!

What Can an SEO Company do for My Business?

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A business owner is often concerned with how to improve their revenues. In today?s day and age, more companies are going the way of digital advertising. The popularity of the internet has changed the way companies grow. In this post, you will learn about what SEO services can do to help grow your business.

  • Ensures Mobile Readiness: Mobile devices have certainly risen in popularity over the past decade. Innovations in mobile phones mean a vast majority are able to access the internet. It is vital that a web design team has a mobile friendly version of your website created.

    A website not ready for mobile devices will likely display incorrectly. A web page that doesn?t display properly could come across as unprofessional to a visitor. In addition, search engines have recently been placing ranking importance on a website being mobile friendly.

  • Create an Expertly Designed Website: Digital marketing isn?t just about ranking in search engines. These professionals can create a stunning website for your business. Recent research shows that 46 percent of those surveyed stated the design of a website is the biggest factor in determining a company?s credibility.

    Another important factor in website creation is page speed. If your website loads too slowly, it could steer visitors away. A study found that 40 percent of people will leave a website if it takes over three seconds to load.

  • Helps to Rank Website Highly in Search Engines: It is estimated that 93 percent of online sessions start with a search engine. These engines have completely transformed how we use the internet. Research found that 70 percent of search engine links users click on are organic.

    The links you see on the sides of search engines are known as paid listings. Organic listings will show up naturally because they aren?t recognized as ads. Visitors often feel that organic listings are more trustworthy. Having organic rankings can greatly improve website traffic. A study found that 75 percent of search engine users don?t ever make it past the first page of results.

  • Drives Increased Traffic to Website: Visitors don?t always have to come from only search engine rankings. There are SEO services which can also help to increase your social presence. Recently, major search engines have placed increased importance on the social presence of a business.

    However, there are steps an SEO company can take to create amazing social platforms for your company. A web design team will create engaging website content that can be shared on these platforms. Combining multiple sources of traffic can vastly improve business revenue. An SEO company can combine social media and a website for maximum results.

  • In summary, SEO services can greatly improve the success of a business. Having a website that loads properly on mobile devices is a plus for visitors and search engines. A website that is expertly designed is a great online representation of your business. An SEO company can help to ensure that your website ranks well in search engines. Research shows that 80 percent of websites not meeting traffic goals have less than 10,000 monthly website visits.