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3 Ways You Can Incorporate Non Digital Ads Into Your Advertising

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It?s easy to believe that printing has gone ?out of style.? After all, how much does printing communication really matter now that internet marketing is here to stay?

Research shows, though, that printed advertisements still matter to consumers. Part of it is because direct mail marketing is still better at cutting through the noise than online ads are. It?s easy to just swipe to the next page if you don?t want to see an ad on your web browser. If something comes in the mail, though, you?re more likely to give it a look through before doing anything else with it.

About 62% of Americans also report enjoying checking their mailbox for mail, which creates a pleasant psychological association for anything they receive — not exactly the same situation for pop-up ads.


Using the Right Cables Is Important for Your Electronic Devices

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These days, most people have multiple electronic devices that need to be charged every few days or even every day. Smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, laptop computers and other devices make life easier and more enjoyable but can be a pain when they run out of battery power and need to be recharged. It’s important to have the right cables for your devices so that they charge quickly and are as safe as possible.

When choosing a cable for a device, you need one that’s the best quality, but you also want to get a good price. For example, for the ethernet connection on your desktop computer, cat6 cable bulk orders are the best way to go. Cat6 cables are better and faster than cat5e and cat5 cables. With Continue Reading No Comments

4 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Tech Outlook

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It?s 2016. If you?re still paying your bills by dragging out the calculator and writing out calculations — and if your main form of advertising is still the phone book — you?re in trouble. There are numerous ways to bring your marketing practices up to date. Keep them in mind so that you don?t fall behind the times.

The Benefits of Mobile Advertising

Did you know that more than 50% of online usage now occurs through mobile devices? If you?re not thinking about your business in terms of mobile, you?re doing it wrong. It?s good to have an app or mobile friendly website for your business so that consumers aren?t dealing with bad website formatting and tiny buttons. It?s even better to have ads specifically for mobile since this is a rapidly growing industry and it?s an incre

Six Tips for Running an Effective Pay Per Click Campaign

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Pay per click marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness online, to drive traffic to your website, and to optimize your marketing budget. As the name suggests, pay per click marketing is a method of placing your ad on an affiliate site, or search engine such as Google Adwords, and you only pay for the ad if somebody clicks it and visits your website. It is obviously the goal of every business owner to make the most impact for every dollar they spend on marketing, and with pay per click marketing, you only pay for the leads that you actually generate. And the more leads, the more sales you’re able to convert.

However, pay per click advertisement can a waste of your valuable time if you do not execute it well. Even though you’re only paying for clicks you actually get, i

How an Affordable SEO Company Can Boost Business

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Why do you go online? Is it how you get your daily work done? Or maybe you use it to do research for school. Many people go online to use social media. But studies show that for 93% of us, each and every time our internet time begins with a search engine. When information can be found within a second, is it any wonder that the internet has become such an ingrained part of our lives?

There are only two downsides to turning to the internet for our needs. One problem is the trouble of finding what you are searching for. The other is the advertisements that pop-up on every page. We know, of course, that the services of the internet are not free exactly. But it is still annoying to see bright flashing advertisements when you just want information.

The first problem is not only an irritation experie

Local Money How Local Pharmacists are Able to Compete With Big Business Through a POS System

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Our bodies are fickle things that require a minimum amount of nutrients and care in order to keep healthy; to this end the American pharmaceutical industry produces millions of tablets, capsules, and other forms of medication every year. So vital is the science of medication that nearly three out of every four medical visits end with some form of prescription. Nearly half of the U.S. population has used at least one kind of prescribed drug within the last month, meaning that the need for trusted local pharmacies has never been greater. Here are some ways that local pharmacies are upgrading their infrastructure to compete with large-scale pharmacies to better suit the needs of their patients.

Serving Local Pharmacies

A pharmacy point of sale (POS) system enables local p

Cloud Communications Offer Large Scale Services to All Clients

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What starts as a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and managed services provider search has turned into something much more. In fact, once your local government office began looking at ways that cloud communications could streamline and support your tasks, it was tempting to reconfigure most of what you do on a daily basis. Luckily, the cloud communications provider encouraged a thorough examination your current platform first. Through that process they were able to determine your specific IT infrastructure and determine how they can use cloud services in conjunction with, and in many cases compliment, what the current IT infrastructure.
Questions to Ask a Cloud Brokerage Services Provider

  • Why do you represent the companies that you represent?
  • How are you g

Don’t Let the Mess of Cables Behind Your Television Take over Your Life!

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If you have a television in your home, which you most likely do, you probably also have a tangled braid of colored cables cascading down the back of it. Whether you put all of those cables in yourself, or had someone come in and do it for you, you may not even know what half of them do! But if you’re not tech savvy, or you just want to learn the basics in case something goes wrong, it’s not the long and arduous task that some people make it out to be.

With more and more people consuming media through computers and phones, the need for cables to transfer images to larger screens has become necessary. It’s for this reason that high definition multimedia interface and digital video interface equipment(HDMI DVI cables) has become a major innovation in visual technology. HDMI DVI cables allow images and vid