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What to Think About When Choosing an Intelligence Company

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What is location intelligence

Statistics report that the world?s population is expected to grow by 50% in the next 40 years. If these statistics hold true, that means the world?s population will be at nearly 9 billion people in only four decades. It?s imperative that any company utilizing location intelligence has the right software in place. There are many location intelligence companies to choose from. It’s important to make the right choice when choosing location software. Here are five important considerations to make when choosing a location intelligence company.

  1. Software Working on Many Platforms

    Technology has vastly changed the way research is done. You likely have many workers using various types of hardware. The last thing you want to have is software that has performance issues when utilized on many platforms. Workers in the field often need to use many types of software. It?s best to choose location intelligence software that works on many browser types and devices. You don?t want to have software that only works from office computers, especially when collecting location related information.
  2. Easy to Setup and Use

    Location intelligence solutions need to be delivered in a fast and efficient manner. You don?t want your business to struggle with software that is overly complicated. It?s best to use intelligence software that has an easy to understand interface. Your workers need functional software, allowing them to work in an efficient manner. The market of geospatial analytics is expected to grow from $26.42 billion in 2015 to $72.21 billion by 2020. With such an alarming growth rate, your business needs to have software that can accommodate such a rapidly expanding market.
  3. Helpful Customer Support Department

    You will want to look for a location intelligence company that has customer service support. There are situations that can arise where location software runs into issues. It?s important you work with a location intelligence company with customer support to hear and solve your inquiries. Working with a business partner that has no customer support isn’t a wise idea. Without customer support, you could find yourself dealing with long down times. Certain companies use both phone and website customer support departments. It’s assuring for a company to know that have someone to reach if a problem arises.
  4. Powerful Software is Essential

    You could find yourself faced with a list of hundreds of thousands of pieces of data. Not having powerful enough software could mean having to upload data bit by bit. The right kind of intelligence software needs to handle multiple phases of intelligence gathering. Google recommends a ratio of 15% data capture, 20% data reporting, and 65% data analysis. The last thing you want to deal with when working with large amounts of data is a freezing system.
  5. Reports On Many Locations

    In some cases, you may need to plan an upcoming location for building purposes. It?s essential that a business sets up shop in the right location. Many businesses have failed due to poor location choice. You will want to use location software that allows you to analyze many locations for specific criteria. Having location software help you find the right site for your venture can help you save time when making this important decision. You’ll find software capable of geospatial data analysis is valuable during location research.

In closing, there are several important considerations to make when choosing location intelligence software. You will want to choose software that works well on multiple devices and platforms. Having location software that only works on one platform might not be useful for all employees. It?s common for large businesses to have employees use many browsers and devices to get their work done. You will want to have location software that is easy to put in place and use. Should issues arise, you?ll want to work with a software company with a customer support department. It’s imperative to choose powerful software able to handle large amounts of data. Choosing the right company helps to ensure your location intelligence projects run smoothly.

Four Reasons You Should Consider Outsourcing Your IT Services

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Website design tampa

One of the brilliant things about living in our modern business world is that technology has expanded to such a degree that small businesses can do so much more than they ever have been. Small business can truly compete on a global level from a very small headquarters, whether that be a storefront or the founder’s garage.

What might seem like a downside, however, is that in order to compete by using all of this technology, a small business might have to deplete all of its resources by highering more employees. But, now we go back to the upside.

The same technology that allows small businesses to compete allows them to stay afloat by simply employing the system known as outsourcing. Outsourcing is the way in which companies can entrust the processes of their business to outside companies. Companies that specialize in IT consulting, for example, can take a huge load off of a small business by handling IT support and any number of IT services.

From network security to network support, IT consulting can give a business everything it needs to do what it does best. Here are four reasons your company should consider IT consulting and outsourcing.

1.) Saving money

This is the most obvious reason that outsourcing is beneficial to companies, big or small. When you outsource your work, you are utilizing the particular skill sets of another company that specializes in the things you need to have done. When you use another company, you don’t need to hire new workers and train them to have skills you, yourself don’t have or even want to have. A simple payment to an outsourcing company takes care of it all and at a fraction of the price you would have to pay to have it done in-house.

2.) An increase in efficiency

The IT consulting firm you hire for your outsourcing needs will have years of experience doing the jobs you need. They will be much more efficient while you become more able to concentrate on what it is your company does best.

3.) Savings on infrastructure and technology.

Outsourcing completely eliminates the need for investment in new infrastructure and upgrades in technology on your end. IT consulting, in particular, can be outsourced to experts who know what needs to be done to keep you on the cutting edge of your profession when it comes to technology services.

4.) Having access to skilled resources

Let’s say you are a company that makes widgets. You have a staff of 30 people that are super skilled at making widgets. It’s what they do and what they are trained for. Doesn’t it make sense to hire an IT consulting team that has trained all of their careers to do IT work? You wouldn’t hire them to make your widgets. Why have your staff worry about IT services?

Consider outsourcing services today and compete the way you know your company can.

The Benefits of Buying Cables in Bulk

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Cat5e ethernet cable

Over the past couple of decades, there has been an expansion in technology. This expansion in technology has changed so many aspects of the average consumer’s everyday life, especially in the United States. With the developments of streaming technology, Amazon, and Uber, American consumers expect quick interactions when they purchase items. Along with this quick interaction, they will expect the transaction to work for them whether it be by delivery or picking something up from the post office.

One of the most popular brands in the United States is the electronic brand of Apple. Apple has released nine different generations of their phone, the iPhone so far. This has established Apple as the second biggest smartphone vendor in the world in terms of shipment as of 2015. As a matter of fact, every single minute an average of 395 iPhones are sold and there are 101 million iPhone users in the United States right now. In the year 2015 alone, Apple managed to sell nearly 50 million iPads which generated about 21.33 billion United States dollars in terms of revenue. Sales of the iPad in that particular year as well accounted for about 9% of all of Apple’s total global revenue.

Cables now work to connect everything in our new digital age. These cables will include the cat6 cable, USB 2.0 cables, USB 3.0 cables, and much more. As a matter of fact, a subsea, intercontinental network of bulk fiber optic cables transmits approximately 90% of the world?s data. The cables you purchase can serve a number of different functions. They can charge your electronic device, they can transfer information, and can even hook up your device to the internet.

The cables that you will buy in bulk as a consumer can range from HDMI cords, USB cables, cat5 cables, or a cat6 cable. You will benefit buying in bulk because it will save you money and will allow you to avoid ordering more electronic cords in the future if you happen to misplace your electronic cord or it is worn down over time. Whether you need a cat6 cable or an HDMI cable does not matter, you will save plenty of cash and time ordering these cables in bulk.

Obviously, a cat6 cable is going to serve a different functional purpose as opposed to another cord like an HDMI cable. However, these differences will not matter in terms of the money you can save ordering these cables in bulk. On average, about 3 billion USB ports are shipped out to consumers each year in the United States. This rate of 3 billion makes the USB port the most popular type of peripheral connection technology thus far in the digital age.

In the year 2000, the USB 2.0 specification was released. This new development in USB technology allowed the USB device to increase the amount of bandwidth from 12 megabits per second to 480 megabits per second. The USB 3.0 cables are compatible with USB 2.0 devices, however, the performances of these connections are only as fast it would be at the 2.0 level making there no concern-able difference between the two.

In conclusion, it does not really matter what type of cable you buy or what you plan on using said cable for. What matter instead, is that you get the most efficient pricing for the electronic cables you want to purchase. While these cables may be used for different purposes, they can all be bought in bulk which will help you save the money in your wallet for other things that you need around the house. Make the right choice, buy your cat6 cable and other electronic cables in bulk.