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Getting Your Business Communication on the Cloud — Top Advantages of Integrating Cloud Communications Into Your IT Infrastructure

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Cloud security and compliance

As the world progresses well into the digital age and technologies develop across the board, there have been quite a few exciting changes in terms of the way we do things in a business context. With new technologies coming in at a steady pace, quite a few of the older, traditional business processes and practices have given way to newer solutions which can be more versatile, nurture better productivity and even help businesses save costs while taking nothing away in terms of scalability. In terms of business IT infrastructure, this role has largely belonged to the inroads of cloud technology. Cloud technology is facing massive adoption across multiple domains for many reasons, and even the government is implementing it into IT centers to save costs by up to 30%.

In such a scenario, it might make sense for your business to make the jump and adopt cloud technology. Cloud brokerage services make it easy for businesses to adopt new cloud solutions, and integrating cloud communications into your existing business infrastructure can be a perfect way to kick-start your journey towards cloud computing. Finding the right cloud consultants can be a real help if you want the distinct advantages that cloud communications bring to the table for your business, and you can go on to enjoy these advantages, plan new approaches and make the most of the cloud in every way.

Cloud Communications — What It Can Do For You

The cloud basically represents an alternative to in-house technology, where the actual service hardware and software is maintained by a third party and the services you want are available over the internet according to chosen usage plans. The obvious advantage here is not having to install expensive hardware and software on premise, and also not having to employ people with the right expertise to operate them. This represents not only savings in terms of cost, but also a number of other tangible and intangible benefits as well.

With the right cloud service brokerage, your business communications can reach a new level of efficiency and optimization. Here are some important points to ponder –

Better Customer Service – One of the most important facets of business communication is customer service, and this where opting for cloud communications can help you progress in leaps and bounds. With a cloud-based communication solution, it is easier to cater to a large customer base, combine all your communication and social streams under one umbrella, and enjoy the power of enhanced customer communication. You can also provide your employees with better tools of communication and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that all questions and queries are promptly addressed. This also presents an opportunity to build brand trust, and to ensure no missed opportunities when it comes to responding to customers.

Better Efficiency and Versatility – Cloud communication systems are set up, managed and maintained by experts. They are regularly maintained and upgraded with the latest innovations and functionalities. This ensures that you have state of the art communication solutions at your disposal at all times, and without having to spend a large amount of resources to upgrade on-site hardware or software. This is a sure tool to improve efficiency, while adding a great deal of versatility to your business communications. Extra features can be purchased as and when you need them, and opting for cloud technology is already a proven, cost-effective way of getting your business ready to scale up or down without prohibitive expense.

Better Security and Reliability – One of the strong points of cloud technology is the inherent safety and security measures that are usually implemented alongside it. Reliability is also an important factor, which is in fact the most important metric that businesses consider when adopting cloud-based solutions. The combination of these two can be beneficial for any business, and cloud communication can provide you with the kind of reliable, secure communication platform that can do wonders for your business goals.

Considering cloud communication has the potential to improve and enhance your business communication to a new level of performance.

An Intuitive Way to Enhance Products and Parts — Industrial Scanning From Companies Providing Reverse Engineering Services

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Reverse engineer

For the designing, fabrication and manufacturing industries, one of the most important requirements is to deliver products that are highly functional, durable and precise in their operation. Often, the total performance of industrial products is a sum total of the performance of all its parts, and it is crucial to get the product design right for each and every aspect of your product if you want optimum end results. The process of designing, fabricating and evaluating parts also needs to be on point, so that true improvement can be achieved and not even small things escape attention. To have a better chance of achieving the true perfection that you are looking for, one great way might be to take advantage of advanced industrial scanning provided by companies that specialize in reverse engineering services.

Once a particular part is designed, the usual process is to go over every detail of that part, find out areas where corrections or improvements can be made, and to repeat this process till you arrive at a product part which can deliver the level of performance you need. This process needs to be replicated and streamlined for all your product parts to ensure that the end results remain satisfactory throughout. Industrial CT scanning, a technology that has improved in leaps and bounds in the last few years, can be a potent tool in these situations. High quality 3D scanning technology can be used to create digital images of just about any product or part, allowing you to delve deep into the nuances of its construction and functionality, make changes wherever necessary and finally arrive at the right design for your needs.

Why You Might Consider Reverse Engineering Services

Companies that provide reverse engineering services specialize in a number of different techniques which can be used to scan product parts. Industrial X-ray, laser inspection equipment and CT scan machines can be used to derive accurate imaging of product parts. Industrial CT scanning as a technology has developed rapidly over the years, and it only takes a few seconds to have a detailed, three-dimensional image of an object in great detail now, compared with the hours of time it took previously and the lack of detail the finished images displayed.

With these new standards of imaging, product parts in a wide range of shapes and sizes can now be scanned and their images digitized in a matter of minutes. This presents a number of interesting and productive situations and use cases which can be beneficial for product quality and process integrity in the long run.

Improving Products

Product design involves many iterations of the same steps — fashioning a product, testing it for imperfections, making the necessary adjustments and fashioning a revised version. This process usually goes on till the perfect end result it achieved. With reverse engineering services and latest scanning technology, this process can be considerably shortened. With digital images, you would be able to look at your product parts in great detail and there is a higher chance of finding out what changes need to be made. This way, you can actually end up with a better product in less time. Precise fine-tuning also means that products end up being more reliable and achieving higher levels of durability.

Improving Processes

As is the case with industrial CT scanning, images of objects become digitized and they can be manipulated in a number of different ways. These images can even be used to create three-dimensional models in CAD software, where you can tweak their design and use these to create a new batch of improved products. In short, reverse engineering services can help you see your whole product design and manufacturing process in a new light, adding useful time savers and quality enhancers to your overall process and making it more efficient.

With commercial imaging solutions, you can really have a helping hand towards making your products the best that they can be. Helping them reach that potential can be good tidings for your business.

The 3 Main Things to Look for When Shopping for Internet Marketing Services

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Professional website development

Whether you have a team of dedicated but small-time marketing folks or it’s really just your nephew and his free copy of Microsoft publisher, we’re betting internet marketing services can benefit your small business. Nowadays, over 90% of internet forays begin with a search engine like Google and Bing, and most people totally ignore paid advertising. We live in a world where people don’t want to be “sold to.” Instead, they would rather find organic links that speak to their interest via key word searches and personal taste. That means that you as a small business owner have to focus your attention on attracting inbound leads. A good internet marketing services firm can help you do this, primarily in these three key areas:
1. Branding
Branding your business is a lot more complicated than picking the right colors for your flyers and calling it a day. In fact, there’s an entire sub-branch of color science and predictive models that describe which shades of gray versus black attract the most page views! (We’re not kidding). There’s similar research and development theory out there on every part of your brand, from your slogan, to perception, to messaging, to the name of your business. Just, imagine an entire season of Mad Men had a baby with the Information Age. Fortunately, any internet marketing services you seek out will have some knowledge of best branding practices. And if you already have a “strong” brand, they can work with you to make it even stronger.
2. SEO Strategy
SEO, or search engine optimization, is a set of practices and principles aimed at working with the algorithms in search engines to help bring your website closer to the top of the search returns. This is extremely important for your business, since most people don’t scroll past the first page of search results, especially when they’re shopping. When you shop around for internet marketing services, make sure to ask what experience the company has in SEO. Inquire particularly as to whether or not they create content with targeted keyword densities that sounds organic and is informative (you remember, to attract those inbound leads).
3. Web Development
Of course, branding and SEO are totally useless nowadays if you don’t have a strong web presence. This means, essentially, a website that works where you can buy stuff as well as a presence on popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We’re betting you’ve dipped your toes into the social media at least, but online shopping is the standard now, so even if you have a thriving storefront, you could be missing out on new consumers and cutting into your brand loyalty if your website isn’t up and running. Thus, an internet marketing services company should be able to help you develop and run your website on both the front and back end, and teach you how to maintain it.

Are Your Testing Methods Holding Back Your Manufacturing Operation?

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Ct part calibration scan

Manufacturers know well the difficulties of testing products in ways that are non-destructive or otherwise unobtrusive. Today’s high-tech products are made from the most sophisticated and sometimes delicate materials, so testing material composition or structural integrity can sometimes be a challenge. If you’re in materials or electronics manufacturing, non-destructive testing, or NDT testing, represents the way of the future.

What Is NDT Testing?

NDT Testing is a method of scanning materials or parts using x-ray computed tomography or 3d scanning technology. Industrial NDT testing processes allow customers to reduce their new product inspection costs and failure analysis costs between 25 and 75 percent when compared to existing technology. One of the most commonly used methods of NDT testing is by using computerized tomography, or CT scanning. Industrial CT scanning was invented in 1972 by British engineer Godfrey Hounsfield of EMI Laboratories, England and by South African-born physicist Allan Cormack of Tufts University, Massachusetts. Hounsfield and Cormack were later awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their contributions to medicine and science.

CT-based NDT tests use computers that take data from several X-ray images of structures inside a manufactured material and converts that data into pictures on a monitor. Tomography is the process of generating a 2-dimensional image of a slice or section through a 3-dimensional object. In other words, different “slices” of images are taken and then re-assembled to create a 3D image.

What Can NDT Testing Do For You?

Industrial NDT testing can reduce your costs, your manufacturing times, and best of all, allow you to ship the highest quality products possible. Testing is a huge part of RandD, and any steps you can take to reduce testing time and costs are far worth it in the long run. Non-destructive tests save material costs as well, since no prototypes need to be destroyed in order to test material composition. While CT scanners have become commonplace in medical settings, they have still not made their way into most manufacturing or RandD sectors. Investing in industrial CT scanning technology today will put your manufacturing operation on the cutting edge of industrial manufacturing. Don’t get left behind! Do your research and invest in NDT testing technologies today.

Five Things to Ask Before Hiring a Call Answering Service

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24/7 answering service

If you are a small business owner, you probably wear a lot of hats. You probably serve as your own accounting department, marketing team, maintenance man, and IT guy. However, as your business grows, you have to recognize that you cannot do it all. Identifying areas that you can delegate to free yourself up to focus on the bigger picture is an important quality in successful entrepreneurs.

One relatively simple way to reduce your workload is to let third-party answering service telephone operators cover your lines. Answering service telephone operators provide a wide range of benefits to a small businesses: from virtual receptionist services, to dispatch, to first-level tech-support, to after hours answering services. All of these tasks free you up to do more important things.

Because of the broad range of functions that an answering service telephone operator can provide and the varying level of quality that they offer, it is important to investigate the call handling services before you hire one. A great way to identify which answering service telephone operators that you want representing your business is by asking the following questions:

  1. How long has the telephone answering service been in business?

    Finding a business that has stood the test of time is a great way to ensure that they have stable business practices, and that they will take care of your clients. Additionally, established phone answering services will have developed a reputation, whether for the good or the bad. By looking at their track record, you don’t have to take as much of a risk when hiring a phone answering service.
  2. How many answering service telephone representatives will be available to your clients?

    Many answering services will promise to pick up the call on the first ring. However, sometimes they answer the call and then put the customer on hold. One metric that ensures your business will have proper coverage is how many representatives the call center employs. If a call center that has one-tenth of the representatives that another one has, they probably won’t have the same call coverage.
  3. How are prices charged for answering services?

    Some answering services charge a flat rate, some charge per minute, and some charge per call. Determining which type of pricing plan is most advantageous for you depends on the most common nature of your calls. If you have frequent, short calls, paying per minute might be the best option. On the other hand if you have few, detailed calls, paying per call may be advantageous. If you are planning to use the answering service frequently, it may be best to pay a flat rate.

    In many cases, small businesses find that paying per minute results in the lowest fees. However, if you decide to use a service that charges in this manner, make sure that they only include active talk time in your billing calculation. For example, if the technician transfers the call to your office, you might be charged for the time that you are talking to your own customer!

  4. What are your service hours?

    Many call services provide 24 hour answering service. This is incredibly valuable if you want to maintain an emergency line around the clock. However, some call services charge more for calls outside of regular business hours in their own time zone. This means that you may be charged higher rates for calls that are taken during your regular business hours, if it call center is located in a different time zone. Additionally, you should ask which holidays are observed by the center, and the premium rates are charge if they are even open.
  5. Are the call technicians located overseas?

    Using a call answering service who employs technicians offshore has its advantages; in some cases it is less expensive. However, depending on the nature of your business, there may be significant drawbacks to using an international phone service. If the subject matter that your customers are calling about is complicated, the language barrier could be a problem. If this is important to you, you should make sure to ask where the actual call centers are located before hiring a service.

Do you know of any other important questions while investigating a call answering service? Please share them in the comment section below.