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The Ins and Outs of Executive Staffing Agencies

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Searching for jobs on an executive level can be daunting which is why utilizing executive hr search firms can take a load off this particular endeavor. Be that as it may,m remember the old adage not to take anything at face value and never underestimate finding the right executive staffing agency that will work best for you as well as with you. Human resources staffing along with executive agencies should do their utmost to find the most suitable position for your particular skill set. This isn’t always the case, out of 1,400 executives that were recently surveyed by Robert Half, 36% of felt the number one reason for failure to be hired was because of poor skills match. Followed closely by unclear performance objectives at 30% of those surveyed.

The main focus for hr recruiters is to match you on a professional level to find the most lucrative position available which is also mutually beneficial to them as they receive a percentage for orchestrating the union. Below are a few things to consider when using executive hr search firms in order to ensure you land the best opportunities.

    Ask Questions: When choosing an executive placement agency you want to look at any reviews you can find for starters, this will answer most questions along the lines of customer satisfaction and approval rate. Once you have mad your selection and human resources contacts you for placement ask plenty of questions about what is expected of you in this position, whether or not it is temporary or if you will have the opportunity for permanency with the company.

    Don’t Rush: You can imagine the amount of opportunity seeking individuals that need placement especially in today’s society with Millennials coming of age. Millennials are more open to changing jobs more frequently than any other generation, according to a 2016 Gallup poll 6 out of 10 were willing to switch. So don’t feel like you have to take the first offer that comes along, take the time to ensure a happy symbiotic relationship in your new role.

    Competition: There is plenty of competition out there for executive hr search firms so for the most part they are going to go above and beyond to ensure their own success, which is great for the clients also. People are moving from job to job at an increasing rate, in 2015 alone 2.7 million employees left their jobs of their own volition, which is a 25% increase when compared to 2 years prior. This ensures positions are constantly becoming available for new job seekers.

Although there is no shortage of firms claiming to be number one its all relative to the individual when it comes down to it. What one firm may be able to do with one skill set may not be the next one’s forte and that’s alright. This just makes screening and questions all the more important to find the one that suits your individual needs, so feel free to get started on this next chapter in your career. Happy hunting!

List of The Best Hotel Management Software

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With today?s modern age, hospitality technology trends has grown tremendously and has made hotel management solutions to be much easier with some of the best softwares available in the market today. Hotel management is tough business. Having to store and allocate so much data in such a small window takes time and a high level of attention that most people will surely find the job more stressful. Hospitality software companies have created some of the best hotel software systems to make the job much easier. Below is a short list of some of the best hotel software systems available on the market. These hospitality management software systems have proven to work well in offering superior concierge service, customer service, and employee retention. Let’s take a close look at the pros and cons of using each of these hotel pms systems to help you choose the best one.

eZee Frontdesk
The eZee Frontdesk system is considered by many professionals as one of the best hotel management systems out there boasting over one million daily transaction in over one hundred and four countries around the globe. While only having been in the industry for only ten years, eZee Frontdesk has made a name for itself being one of the most reliable systems on the market. With this hotel reservations software you?re able to input multiple bookings, rate management in order to maximize revenue, use a mobile app for reporting purposes as well as a self check in kiosk. The only downside to this system is its inconsistencies within the Chinese language pack.

This system was created by Oracle, one of the most prominent software system companies in the world. They?ve created a very comprehensive and scalable software to help manage day to day hotel operations. This system is available in both cloud and as an installation. It offers programs in profile management, accommodation management, housekeeping management, multi property configuration and much more. Some have complaints about this system?s slow check in and check out process, but it is has still remained one of the mist uses systems out there.
This is primarily a cloud based hotel management software system that’s been around since the early 90s. It?s highly recommended for hotel managers who may not know how how hotel management system works works exactly. While it may not top everyone’s list of the best hotel software systems available, it?s surely worth it if you’re looking for something simple and easy to use to get the job done. It offers automatic backup and an optional on site backup, web based instructor training to learn the software, as well as single click access. The major con of this system is that it has some cloud based issues that needs much improvement. Besides that its simplicity has allowed it to grow in popularity of the recent years.

4 Questions to Ask Retained Executive Search Firms

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Retained executive search firms are essentially headhunters. Many high-powered companies will pay a retainer to one or more executive search services who will then seek out qualified candidates for the job in question. In fact, the number of jobs found by external recruiters jumped to 5.9% in 2013, double its 2012 percent
If you are in charge of dealing with a retained recruiter, it is important that you know the proper ways to behave. In order to assist you to attain the best results when retaining one of these firms, we’ve put together a list of questions you should ask.

  • What’s the firm’s search process?
    There are two important pieces of information to be on the look out here. How do they qualify the position, and how will they manage the search. It is vitally important that the firm you hire not only understands the needs job in question but also that they have the infrastructure to attract A Level candidates.
  • Who will be handling the Search?
    This is an important one because your results will be directly affected by the abilities of the person conducting the search. It is also a great way to know how seriously a firm will take your company’s needs: if they are shipping your search down to the greenest recruiter in their employ, then they might not consider it particularly important.
  • Do You Understand The Job
    While the recruiter in no way needs to be an authority on your industry and the job you are looking to fill, if they cannot even provide more than a rudimentary sketch, then there is no way they will be able to distinguish between a mediocre candidate and an exemplary one.
  • Do You Assess Soft Skills?
    Self awareness, adaptability, collaboration are all immensely important skills to have for anyone in the workforce. But these skills become even more important in a highly visible or leadership position, where they can have profound effects on your companies reputation and corporate culture.

Finding the right person for a high-level job can be remarkably difficult. If you are looking for a VP Sales, Energy Management or even food processing equipment operators. You owe it to yourself and your business to know exactly what types of questions to ask retained executive search firms in order to find the best fit for your search.

Important Contributions to the Growing PCB Market

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Pcb prototype assembly

The circuit board industry is an important part of our growing technological world. The industry itself continues to grow and expand every year. In 1995, a little over 50 years after the first introduction of PCBs, it became a $7.1 billion industry for the first time. Just 5 years later in 2000, they became an over $10 billion industry, and since 2012 have reached over $60 billion worldwide. What factors are contributing to this rapid growth within the industry?

Increasing uses of turnkey PCBs

Back when turnkey PCBs were first invented, there usage was limited to a few projects. Today however, turnkey PCBs are used across many different industries. Because printed circuit boards are one of the most important parts of computer motherboards, and computers tend to be a part of almost everything today, they are realistically in hundreds of thousand items. You can find printed circuit boards in your TV, computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, and even your smart appliances. Some people even used their printed circuit boards in their hobby or technological activities.

Turnkey PCB services

Designing one computer many years ago was a lengthy process. Computers were not turned out as quickly as they are today. The ability to produce high turnkey PCBs has contributed significantly to their rapid growth. The circuit board assembly process is carefully planned and evaluated on a regular basis, always improving upon the system. This has resulted in extremely fast circuit board assembly services with speedy turnkey PCB services.

This is mostly from the increase of the machines used for production services. Before PCB design software was introduced, printed circuit boards were designed using clear Mylar sheets, up to four times bigger than the circuit board itself, on which designers would create a transparent photomask of the proposed design. Although this process made the design easily viewable, it extended the amount of time it took to design, and then produce a single PCB prototype.

Better temperature control

Older laptops once came with cooling pads. The internal PCBs and motherboards could not be effectively controlled. If cooling pads were not used and the computer was used for too long, the system could overheat. Now imagine this process on a much larger and much more detailed motherboard, such as with the creation of printed circuit boards. Since then, effective cooling methods have been found that allow the PCB to cool itself, without the user having to manually do it.

Temperature curve plays a critical role in determining soldering quality and overall temperature. Prior to 160 degrees Celsius, temperature rising rate should be controlled at 1 to 2 degrees Celsius per second. If temperature rises too quickly, on one hand, components and PCB tend to suffer heat too quickly, which tends to destroy components, leading to deformation of PCB. This also leads to a poorly functioning, and potentially damaged, technological motherboard.

Ability for small batch PCBs

PCB designers with smaller ideas once found it almost impossible to print their project. The manufacturing and printing labs were only used for larger projects. This shut a lot of industries out from the printed circuit board industry. Today, as fast PCB prototype printing services have increased, there is now a place for smaller PCBs. Designers who do not require as extensive of legends can still have their projects brought to life. This has helped to expand the PCB market to smaller and medium sizes designers.

When printed circuit boards and PCBs first came out, they were considered to be highly advanced. Yet, if you wanted to design and then print a PCB legend, it could take years. This prevented many industries from utilizing the services of the printed circuit board. Since then, both design and printing services have increased in speed and efficiency, allowing the PCB market to rapidly grow.

Keeping the Best Employees Begins Before They’ve Been Hired

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How do you acquire the best employees? Your human resources department will tell you what they look for in a job candidate. It is likely they’ll cite things such as key resume phrases, and of course solid references. This technique is perfectly fine for filling most job billets, but it is inadequate for those jobs that require a certain level of experience and expertise.

A strategic human resources plan needs to be executed when a company is looking for new employees to take on executive jobs at a senior level. Many times, these potential new hires will require a certain degree of enticement to leave their current position for another. Another direction is executive search consultant services are also valuable when a business is attempting to diversify their employee base for better performance. Hiring with this aim in mind requires finesse.

In a recent survey of 1,400 executives undertaken by Robert Half, the reasons why an employee may turn out to be a failed hire were discussed. Analyzation showed that about one-third of those surveyed believed that a poor skills match was to blame, after accounting for any notable performance issues. A close follow up of 30% of executives believed providing the employee with unclear performance objectives caused confusion, resulting in unmet expectations. This implies that a failed hire can result due to a misunderstanding of what a job entails as well as how one’s success at the job will be measured. Either way, an issue in understanding can waste time and money on both sides of the job.

If much of an employee’s failings can simply be a result of inadequate communication, what is the solution? Clearly then, communication ranks high on the factors that lead to a good hire. Executive search consultant services at times act as the mediator in the hiring process, by finding the best candidates and then ensuring those candidates understand what will be asked of them at work. Doing so weeds out those candidates that may look perfect for the job on paper, but under pressure reveal their inadequacies.

Executive search consultant services are also used by many employers seeking to increase the diversity within their employee base. Other than being the decent and fair thing to do, promoting ethnic diversity within a company was proven by McKinsey to increase performance by 35% as compared to peer companies. Gender-diverse companies were also proven to outperform less diverse companies by about 15%. Different perspectives are essential for company growth and vitality.

The old model of having prospective candidates come to you works for some business models. When a job does not require much technique or experience, it is simpler to train the employee to be what the position requires of them. But for those companies that want to stay competitive and hire the best fit for a highly technical job or to fill a senior level position, it might take a different approach to acquire the right employee. In that regard, the task might be to go out and find them, at least before your competitors do.

Why You Should Use An Executive Placement Agency For Your Job Search

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Hr executive recruiters

For many entry to mid-level professionals, finding a job is very difficult. It?s even harder to find a position that?s on the executive side. If this is the case for you, it’s in your best professional interest to partner with an executive search firm or an executive staffing agency to help you find the job of your dreams. There are several advantages,both for you the job seeker and the employer, to use an executive placement agency when you’re looking for a higher level position. A recruiter from an executive placement agency can help spice up your resume or list of credential to help you stand out more in front of potential employers. Ultimately, this will help you land a the position much faster without having to do much of the leg work.

Let?s take a look at the top reasons why you should use a dependable executive search consultant service for you job search.

  1. It broadens your scope of suitable companies by narrowing down your search only to those who fit your particular needs and job requirements. Finding an executive position on your own is a very daunting task and takes a long time. The whole interview process it self can take as much as an entire month to complete. Today?s most prominent executive staffing agencies use the industry?s most sophisticated tactics to choose from a large pool of potential employers who are looking for someone with your pertinent experience and skills. In other words, the executive search consultant already has his/her foot in the door and will invite you in to meet several potential employers in a variety of locations and services.
  2. You?ll have way less competition b using an executive search consultant service that specializes in job placement. Since the recruiter represents you, there?s less competition out there to worry about during the application process and getting notices by potential employers. This is a great advantage if you?re looking to attain a position that is very popular in the job market and have already received several candidates. The executive placement agency may have the ability to push your application forward above all the rest in a way that highlights your qualifications and the assets you can bring to the company. This will undoubtedly increase your chances of the landing the executive position.
  3. With an executive talent acquisition you?ll have access to training and coaching from professionals who are experienced in recruiting for your particular field. It?s in their best interest, as well as yours, to get you hired as soon as possible. They will take the proper time needed to mold and coach you to be the best candidate by helping you build an exceptional portfolio, prepare you for potential interview questions, and navigate you through the entire interview process. Having your own professional coach at your corner is something that most candidate will not have. It will serve to be a great benefit.
  4. Working with a talent acquisition management service for your executive job search grants you access to a legion of open positions that would be a great fit for you. Research shows that there are a number of job positions that are no posted on any job search sites and most of these position includes executive level jobs. In order to become a potential candidate for one of these roles it?s imperative that you go through an executive placement agency. With the help of a recruiter you can get more than just your foot in the door to apply for the position.
  5. The best advantage to using an executive placement agency for your job search is that the services doesn?t have to cost you a thing. An executive search consultant service has absolutely no cost at all to the candidates since the hiring company is the one who is paying for the service as part of a mutual contract agreement. If you are placed in the position the recruitment firm will receive maybe a bonus or compensation for finding the right person for the job. At the end of it all you both benefit from the process.