How Physically Printed Media Has Stayed Popular Despite the Internet’s Burgeoning Popularity

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The world of printing is as big as it’s ever been! Don’t let the “paperless or go home” folks of the world fool you. People still love great, high quality stationery and nothing yet beats a beautifully printed professional photograph, even in 2016. Digital printing companies and online printing companies have taken over quite a bit of the market share, though people still love their printed items. For example, each day — that’s each day, citizens of the united states print up 27,397,260 business cards. Daily! Imagine playing 52-card-pickup with that amount of business cards — it would take years to finish the game!

It’s not just that we have a necessity for these items, either. Studies show that people actually enjoy interacting with printed materials, and that data tends to manifest in some particularly amusing ways. In an example, a study conducted recently found that 62% of Americans and 63% of Canadians surveyed actually enjoy walking out to their mailboxes to check for mail! Because of this and other facts like it, printing services have remained viable and popular in our society, despite years of warnings that the technology would become obsolete thanks to the Internet.

The compatibility of both traditional photo printing services and digital ones are one of the largest reasons these companies are able to co-exist in the marketplace. In fact, this can easily be demonstrated to be true — 76% of small businesses are likely to employ a marketing strategy which is more or less a combination of digital and physical communications. People love the Internet, and people love physical media. No reason we can’t love and use them both!

If you run a business or are thinking of how to organize yourself as an individual, it couldn’t hurt to take a page out of the conglomerate’s book. They’re all using a mixture of physical and digital media to get things done, and there’s no reason that you shouldn’t, too. They’re successful for a reason.

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