4 Dangerous Reasons Why People Miss Opportunites

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There are quite a lot of people that will get an opportunity to do something but decided not to. This could be in the realm of financial investment or traveling or careerwise how many other areas of life. There’s something about the human brain that seems to avoid opportunity. It’s an interesting phenomenon because we all want to live the dream but then we can’t see it when it’s offered to us. Here are a few reasons that someone would not take advantage of a great opportunity.

You Live in Fear
Fear is an interesting thing. It’s not really an emotion, it’s not a hormone; it’s hard to describe. Sierra and being afraid are different. When you are afraid it is usually of a particular something. You could be afraid of the dark or afraid of spiders or roller coasters but being fearful is more ambiguous. People often live in fear and it hinders them from rising to their full potential. For example, your financial advisors could recommend that you invest in a certain stock or company and out of fear, you decline. Now, you would have no reason to fear. You are basically fearing the “what if” of the situation. What ifs and the unknown are the biggest killers of opportunity because they’re what people fear the most.

You are Too Skeptical
This is another one of those odd feelings. If someone is skeptical they are typically a fairly negative person. This means that when you were offered the chance of a lifetime, you assume that there is a catch or an angle. You are probably the type of person that cannot take anything for face value. Staying with the example of finances, say you were given an amazing financial opportunity, you probably are looking for the hidden scam or the taxes you will have to pay or the fees that are included. There is a fine line between being wise and skeptical. You definitely want to make sure that something you are looking into is legitimate but you can’t deny yourself every opportunity because you assume it’s not going to work.

You are Oblivious
People who are oblivious are basically not paying attention. If you are one of these types of people then you probably don’t expect to get a break at any point in life. You may not be a negative person, in fact you might be quite positive, but you simply are not aware of what is going on around you. You are not observant and are simply going along with life without noticing when something comes along in your favor.

You Don’t Recognize it
Sometimes opportunities don’t hand them selves to you on a silver platter. Often times it takes work to get to the opportunity. You can think of it like a road or a pass to somewhere. You have an end goal or a destination. You have your plan which is the path. The opportunity is like a boost that will quickly get you to your destination. You may have to walk for a long while before you get to the opportunity but if you can make it there, that opportunity will carry you passed a lot of difficulty that you would’ve had to overcome otherwise. But sometimes we can see those boosts as obstacles. We don’t realize if we just climb aboard, we will get the chance of a lifetime. We try skirting around them and not only do we not get experience that chance, it ends up taking you longer because of having to sidestep the opportunity.

Keep these points in mind the next time you are offered a chance. Make sure that you were not turning it down for the wrong reason and will end up regretting it later. The main problem with missing opportunities is that hindsight is 2020. Once the opportunity has passed, you no doubt, will be able to see it clearly. Do not be a statistic of yet another person who was given a chance and missed it. Be alert, take risks, be positive and be the type of person that takes advantage of every opportunity that you are awarded in life. There’s no better way to live than to reach your full potential.

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