ActiveSync Can Make BYOD Secure

Exchange activesync

About 70 percent of smartphone users check work email outside business hours. To make email management more convenient, 25 percent of companies use bring your own device, or BYOD software such as Exchange Activesync. Nevertheless, many of these companies have no management or Activesync security policies in sync.

The good news is that ActiveSync security policies are easy to manage. ActiveSync, such as Activesync android, syncs Microsoft Exchange email, calendar, contacts and tasks between a work PC, a mobile device, and many other devices. At first blush, ActiveSync security policies may seem difficult, spread across so many devices. Yet there are neat tricks to make ActiveSync security policies effective.

Mobile device management is the industry term for securing devices. Good MDM, as provided for in ActiveSync security policies, erases data on a device as soon as is reported lost or stolen. This is possible with cloud computing solutions. Coordinating devices on a central server, cloud computing lets enterprises and consumers access data, and manipulate data simultaneously across many devices.

Companies do not need to fear a security breach with BYOD. With robust ActiveSync security policies, they can withstand anything. Ultimately, this can even result in greater productivity for an organization.

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