Find and Keep Top Talent With the Help of an Executive Placement Agency

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A business is hard pressed to succeed without exceptional management and leadership at the top. You want innovative, forward-thinking, driven, and savvy leaders who fit in well with your company, but who can also provide a fresh perspective and way forward in a rapidly changing world. But where do you start? You may need to go beyond your in house human resources team and look outward at an executive placement agency or an executive search firm for top talent acquisition. They’ll likely have a wider network of contacts and a bigger pool of candidates to draw from, ensuring that you find individuals who are perfectly qualified for the job, sync well with your corporate culture, a

How a Quality HR Consultant Can Help Boost Your Business

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Hr executive search consultants

Having a business can be a difficult thing to manage. There are so many factors that contribute to ensuring that a company operates on a successful level and continues to do so throughout the ups and downs of seasons, employee turnover, changes in policies and head staffers, and so much more. And depending on how many people there are on staff to handle the many different aspects of the business itself and the employees who help to make it run smoothly, there could be a lot of complex responsibilities that fall on the owner of the business. It is critical, for the sake of success, to hire the right workers to carry out the right duties, and this process can be simplified with the help of a good HR consultant.

How can the right HR consultant help your business?

Human resources consulting firms
can help to streamline your business in a number of different ways. HR consultants can help you to find the right people for the most important positions in your company, the ones that you can’t afford to leave vacant or have a high turnover rate for. In fact the United States Department of Labor has estimated that a bad hiring choice can have an average cost that is equivalent to about 30% of the potential earnings for the first year. The talent acquisition management services that a quality HR consultant can provide will help you to find the ideal leaders that you want in key positions for your company. After all, the right leader will be able to effectively motivate the rest of your team of employees as well, creating a productive environment in which everyone can thrive and pushes your company more strongly in the right direction.

Setting up the right team

Finding the right leader is also important to building the right team of employees across the board. While a good restructuring consultant could give you valuable insight into how to better your business, having a strong leader overseeing your team of employees is perhaps even more essential. As many as 57% of organizations report that they struggle with employee retention, and the right work environment is a key factor in hanging on to those valuable workers. One of the most important things to have in the workplace that will do wonders for keeping employees happy and therefore loyal and productive is to make sure they know that there work is appreciated and valued. A massive amount, at 86%, of businesses that have some sort of employee recognition program report a noticeable positive jump in the level of happiness among those employees.

Diversity is key

On top of showing appreciation to your workers, you and your business will also greatly benefit from having a strongly diverse team as well. One study showed that businesses that are gender diverse can be 15% more likely to perform at a more productive level than those not in that environment, and those working in a business that has ethnic diversity have proven to be 35% more likely to outperform their peers. The truth of the matter is, everyone has different skills and strengths that they can bring to the table, and by not letting you or your company be limited in any way as far as a only considering a certain demographic, you are basically ensuring the improvement and success of your company.

Running a business is never going to be particularly easy. When you learn how to make one aspect operate efficiently, it will be time to focus on improving another area. Constant assessments to find out where you can do better will lend itself incredibly well toward major steps to success. And it is up to you and those who you choose to be at the helm of your business to create the ideal atmosphere that will lead to that success. A diverse team of happy, appreciated employees will stick around and genuinely care about the work being done. When everyone is working together, you will begin to see major strides in the right direction.

Is It a Good Idea For Companies to Outsource Talent Acquisition and Management?

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Executive hr search firms

Why do companies decide to outsource talent acquisition and management to specialist HR consulting firms? From startups and Fortune 100s, the advantages of having an HR executive search firm helping with recruitment and retention are obvious. It takes a major burden off the in-house human resources staff, allowing the specialists in the area of talent acquisition management to handle crucial areas of hiring and onboarding. HR executive search firms also offer career coaching and professional career development advice to new hires, making it easier for them to settle into their new jobs.

Hiring and retention are major concerns
Recruitment is one of the most significant concerns for a business, of whatever size. A successful search is a retained search, where the new hire stays with the company. Human resources staffing and retention are ongoing concerns for most companies. Fully 57% of organizations report that employee retention is a major problem.
Most failed hires are due to performance issues, which have their roots in hiring issues such as a poor skills match and lack of clarity about performance objectives at the outset. Even for employees who may not actively be looking for jobs, Jobvite reports that more than half or 53% are open to considering new job prospects.
And more and more people are voluntarily leaving their jobs: by the end of June 2015, this number was 2.7 million workers. This figure represents a 25% increase as compared to the number of people who left their jobs voluntarily two years ago.

Training and career support can improve employee retention
A successful search is one that helps new employees settle into their new positions. To begin with, finding the right person for the job is not a simple matter. Most new hires leave because of a mismatch – whether of work expectations, personality or qualifications. HR executive recruiters have the necessary experience to match temperament and qualifications to the position offered.
They also offer onboarding services and professional development and career coaching to new hires, helping them to succeed in their new workplace.
Companies invest a lot of time and effort in their searches, but often fail to support the new hire through their early days on the job. Researchers have found that new employees who receive onboarding training are 58% more likely to remain with the company for three years or longer. HR executive search firms offer support to new hires at every stage of their careers, helping them to succeed.

Helping employees and businesses succeed
An organization can only be successful if its employees are both happy and productive. Support and training services can go a long way in creating a positive work environment conducive to individual and organizational success.
HR executive search firms offer numerous services based on their experience, including:

  • HR executive search
  • Strategic HR consulting
  • Placing interim Heads of HR or functional heads of departments
  • Talent acquisition
  • Learning and development
  • Business partner
  • Organizational development
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Corporate outplacement and career coaching

HR executive search firms have the experience and networks to help companies with recruiting and staffing issues.