What a Network Time Server Can Do

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In today’s business world, computers have become the standard means of transmitting and managing information of all kinds, and most companies today have their own private data servers and Cloud data storage. Many computers and networks are also linked to satellites such as GPS, and GPS clocks are used to carefully keep track of time whole orbiting the planet. It is not enough for computers to be linked and in operation; they must also, put simply, know what time it is. This is where a network time server may be useful, and network time protocols, or NTP, are also a part of a network time server. Clock servers are often connected to a GPS time clock or a GPS NTP time server, and a large company with many locations may need such information to keep all of its employees and automated systems coordinated. Timing is important for the transmission and logging of data, and

Managing Time Coordination With a PTP Server

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“Time” is an abstract concept that has captured the human imagination in many ways for centuries. There is plenty of philosophy about time, but today, computers and businesses are more interested in the practical applications of this concept. Today, “time” is a matter of numbers and network coordination to make for accurate records for financial transactions, GPS satellites, and more. Time is a resource to be carefully managed and tracked with a PTP server (precision time protocol), and a clock server can do a lot of good for a business or other network. A network time clock, a GPS time clock, or even WiFi wall clocks have use for a PTP server and similar services. Therefore, managing a PTP server today can do a lot of good for a business or other network. There have been attempts in the past to alter the current model of 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but this