Companies Continue to Look for the Most Cost and Energy Efficient Data Center Solutions

Mobile data center containers are typically used for emergency situations. Customers contract with a provider to have mobile date center containers available should their current data center be compromised. When, for instance, a business fell victim to the recent devastating flooding in the midwest, any number of large and small businesses may have needed the use of the this mobile storage option.

Sometimes they are not so mobile, but are instead modular versions of pod storage facilities that are equipped with data center computer rack servers, immersion cooling systems and all of the other needed technologies. Possibly used in large events like the Olympics or a national convention, these mobile or modular data centers provide the necessary support that many businesses, hospitals, schools, and government offices may need.

Mobile Data Center Containers Offer Solutions for Many Companies
The latest research indicates that more than 65% of IT equipment failures are directly attributed to inadequate, poorly maintained or failed air conditioning in the server room. As a result, there is a growing need for both modular and mobile data center containers. For any of these centers to operate, however, temperature control is an integral factor. This means, of course, that the global data center liquid cooling market is expected to reach $4.55 billion by the year 2023.

Although there are already many data centers in place, there are an increasing number of them that are working to create a more sustainable option. In fact, any data center that is more than seven years old is considered out of date according to the latest green computing norms. Although there are data centers that are older than seven years old that are still certified green, even those have been updated. From cooling systems to sources of power and how they manage their power, there are a number of ways that today’s data center platforms continue to evolve.

Did you know, for instance, that immersion based data center cooling solutions add to the bottom line of profitability by reducing server energy by as much as 10% to 20%. The latest liquid cooled servers have shown to improve rack density, cooling capacity, data center design, and location options.

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