Data Centers Are Hungry Beasts Keeping Your Equipment Satisfied With Hot Aisle Containment Solutions

Data centers are sensitive places.

A single data breach can compromise thousands of people. Just one fire can destroy years’ worth of hard work. Due to such high sensitivity you’ll do anything it takes to prevent even a minor lapse in safety, from changing your air conditioning settings to completely overhauling your set-up. Fortunately for you…there’s no need for going above and beyond. All you need to do is choose some data rack products that are explicitly designed to help circulate temperature and organize all the different components.

Hot aisle containment solutions are designed with the less-than-savory possibility in mind.

Data centers are not yet obsolete. In fact, they very well might not be for decades more. It’s up to you to use your hot aisle containment solutions intelligently. An industry study has been completed analyzing common upgrade trends among data centers, concluding over 80% to be either actively employing or considering hot aisle containment solutions. Cold aisle containment options are also popular, though which one suits you best depends on your set-up, your day-to-day energy needs, and your budget. Let’s break it down in a way that’s simple enough to get you started.

Electricity prices are going up. You need to save money without losing quality. Based on current electricity price increases as well as the carbon levy your costs could rise by 65% over the next three years. Better air conditioning is a great way of reducing strain on your equipment and shaving off costs. One study revealed higher quality air conditioning can reduce your monthly bill by 35%. The HVAC costs of your average server room with 30 KW of air conditioning operating at 70% capacity will produce $24,000pa and 240 tons of greenhouse gas.

Your data center might be a labor of love, but it might very well just be excess labor if you’re not updating frequently. Data centers that are over seven years old are widely considered to be out-of-date according to Green Computing norms. The average life of a data center is nine years, though a little initiative can help you start saving sooner rather than later. Survey results collected in 2011 found nearly 40% of large companies to be exceeding IT capacity within a year and a half. Do a tally of your month-to-month figures and determine where your business will be in that span of time.

More consistent and delicate air conditioning can reduce the heat built up by your system. You can also enjoy more savings by making some switches to the cloud. Over 80% of companies today have saved drastically by moving much of their data to a cloud-based system. Additional surveys have asked various businessowners and CEOs about their attitudes toward the cloud, finding 25% of respondents actively choosing storage as their most coveted option. Hot aisle containment solutions fare best when you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Electronic cabinet designs should have plenty of ventilation space. They should also be easy to adjust, move, and replace. The power density of a data center is up to 100 times more than that of a large commercial office building. That’s as many as nine small-sized shopping malls the size of Wal-Mart. If you’re finding your equipment failing or being compromised by environmental issues, it’s likely due to your lack of decent data center supplies. One study concluded over 65% of IT equipment failures to be directly attributed to inadequate hot aisle containment solutions.

Give your data center the best possible chance at success by giving it room to breathe. Look into hot or cold aisle containment network racks.

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