Digital Marketing What You Need to Know

When it’s time to create your business website, having a few tips to get you started can go a long way. Read on for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about affordable digital marketing services.

How do I find a reputable web design company?

The absolute best way is through referrals. Speak with friends and family members to see if they have suggestions. You can also often find great referrals through trade organizations.

How can I read about the best digital marketing tactics?

There are tons of resources available online to get you started with digital marketing. Look for blogs and websites designed to provide information for beginners — that way, you won’t get bogged down in spending time trying to decipher terminology.

How do I find the best digital service provider?

It depends on what you mean by digital service provider. There are several different types of related services that you could be referring to here, from digital marketing to web hosting. Consider spending some time with a basic introduction to digital marketing and then determining the type of service you need.

Is there somewhere where I can find the best internet ads?

It’s probably a better bet to spend time browsing online to get a feel for what ads you like and which ones turn you off.

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Integration is everything. When it comes to promoting your business or brand, integrated digital marketing is the smartest option, allowing companies to capitalize on the benefits of digital in unison with other forms of marketing. The reality is that integrated digital marketing is a response to the convergence of paid, owned and earned media channels; in 2014 more than $135 billion was spent on digital content creation.

Digital strategy means more than just ensuring you incorporate social media into your promotion. Core to any digital strategy is a solid modern web design that speaks to your current and prospective consumers. It also means designing specifically for mobile. A mobile-first approach makes sense given that more than 60% of businesses with a purpose-built mobile website reported increased sales and more than 70% of all mobile searches result in online action within 60 minutes. Custom web design for mobile can be the answer.

Getting it right, though, is hard. More than 45% of visitors to mobile sites say they have difficulty interacting with a page and just under 45% find navigation difficult. Loading times can be an issue too; in fact, if a site takes more than three seconds to load, up to 40% of users will abandon it. Even if the site does load correctly, you have just 10 seconds to impress a user and inform them about your company, according to Inspired Magazine. If you don’t do that in 10 seconds, you have lost the customer. A bad mobile site can do more harm than good with more than half of those surveyed saying they are less likely to purchase from or support a company with a poor mobile website.

Our always-on connected culture means that mobile is the ideal way to reach customers. Close to 70% of mobile users check their phones for messages, alerts, or calls regularly, even without a vibrating alert or ring. Shopping on smartphones has reached the mainstream, with four out five users reporting that they do so. Digital marketing companies can help you tap into this mobile and digital market with your brand and ensure that your site meets the requirements. Integrated digital marketing means looking at the whole picture and finding a combination that works for you.

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