Finding Great Android Management Tools For A Business

Android management

Android, also called Droid, is an open source operating system based on Linux that is usually utilized on touchscreen devices like tablets and mobile phones. If your business is currently using Androids, it is vital that you find Android management to help you get the most out of Android in the enterprise. With appropriate Android device management you will be able to protect your phone from any kind of viruses or exploits that may cause harm to your devices.

It is especially important to have a quality Android security model when your business utilizes a BYOD, or bring your own device policy. Android management through the cloud provides a scalable approach to BYOD that is also very convenient. Not only do 81 percent of US workers use a personal electronic device for business reasons, 70 percent of smartphone users often check their work email after normal work hours, so it is important that you have security tools to protect phones at all times.

BYOD is popular with workers because they get to pick their own device and reduce the amount of phones or tablets that they must carry. With the right type of Android management tools in place, any company can get the most out of their BYOD policies so that they have the ability to control their phones and ensure that they are not causing any problems. Invest in good management tools, and you will see a rise in the amount of business that you can handle with Androids.

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