For Chemists How Spectrometers Can Help You

In the United States, the chemistry field is growing more and more each day. In fact, there are many different subsets in the chemistry field, which is why it is becoming so vast and widespread. As a chemist, you can enter the fields of Analytical Chemists, Biotechnologist, Healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry, Pharmacologist, and Forensic Scientist- just to name a few. In actuality, medical lab technologists and technicians are growing in terms of employments, and the employment is expected to grow by 13% by 2026. Not only that, but chemists play a important role in new, helpful, drug discoveries. So, it is accurate to say that chemists are necessary in the United States! Yes, thank a chemist! Not only are they necessary, but the work they achieve is necessary. If you’re a chemist or in a subset of this field, here’s how various spectrometers can help you.


The first spectrometers were introduced to the scientific world in the 1950s. It ended up transforming into a intricate, essential tool for chemists who were researched based. So, what exactly are spectrometers? Spectrometers, by definition, are devices that record and measure wavelengths of light over the electromagnetic spectrum (the wide range of it, actually). These spectrometers are typically used in physical and analytical chemistry. They can also be used in physics and astronomy.More importantly, these tools can assist those in the medical imaging field. Spectrometers can do a lot and be used by many different people. That sounds, cool, right? It gets better! There are different types of spectrometers. Here’s some of them and how they can actually help you in your research and career.

Low Field NMR Spectrometers

Low field nmr spectrometers are slightly similar to nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers that are ideal for researchers analyzing chemical structures. They are used when research does not need uperconducting high-field magnets. A low field nmr spectrometer helps chemists because they can truly analyze a molecule as it’s being synthesized. It can also help you complete your research quickly and easily. Lastly, you can follow the entire process of a chemical reaction! Are you ready to make your research easier? Low field nmr Spectrometers are the tools that can help you!

Benchtop NMR Spectrometers

Low field nmr spectrometers are only one of the spectrometers out there! A benchtop spectrometer allows you to perform spectroscopy tests wherever you can! This can be your lab, your office, out in the field, wherever you choose! It also allows you to perform them whenever you want! It’s a portable nmr! More importantly, it ensures that the testing and research you carry out is done effectively and efficiently. If you need to perform tests on the go, benchtop spectrometers can help you!

NMR For Sale

If you’re looking for low field nmr spectrometers, benchtop nmr spectrometers, 60 mhz benchtop nmr spectrometers, or 60 mhz multinuclear nmr- since there are many kinds, look no further! There are constantly new and used spectrometers for sale. Each one of them will help you achieve all your research and testing needs. Contact companies near you, and they can assist you in finding the best spectrometer for you! There’s no doubt that spectrometers are necessary. You should definitely have them in your lab. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to choose your spectrometer today! Have fun analyzing all those molecules!

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