How Cell Tower Services Work

Cell phones are one of the biggest markers of modern technological advancement. They have made it significantly easier to communicate with friends and loved ones across long distances. But have you paused to wonder how this is possible? Cell towering services do the magic. Without cell towers, it would be impossible to receive information via your cell phone, whether it’s a text message from a friend, a WhatsApp message, or even a phone call.

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If you’re wondering how cell phones work, then you’ll want to stick around till the end of the video, as it effectively describes what happens inside your phone and how the electrons are converted to waves which are picked up by cell towers.

The mobile processor, tiny copper wires, electrical impulses, antennas, and radio waves are some parts that play vital roles in the transmission process. The antennas, specifically, are the devices responsible for stimulating the communication action with your phone. They effectively facilitate the conversion of the electrical impulses that your phone produces whenever you use it to communicate. These electrical impulses are converted to radio waves, which get sent to cell towers. Cell towers have antennas and communication equipment mounted on them, allowing them to conveniently pick up these radio waves from your phone and transmit them to the phone of your friend or loved one.


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