How Patch Management Helps Keep Data Secure

Mobile application management

Last February, an Enterasys survey found that 74 percent of firms use some level of Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD usage. In fact, 50 percent of firms using BYOD require employees to cover technology costs. As 230 million U.S. adults have a mobile device, BYOD is increasingly popular. IT departments turn to patch management software for their mobile device management needs.

Using patch management benefits with security. It is easy to see why institutions use BYOD. Schools, always constrained with budget, use BYOD to lessen their own costs and have students use the technology. That said, there are always security risks through lost or stolen devices.

There are several ways to address security. BlackBerry phones use a proprietary encryption system that segregate corporate data from user data. While they require a PIN to access, the data is actually secure on other levels. iphone security tends to be proprietary to Apple, but works well.

Mobile device management, like iPhone management, is easier with patch management software. Using patch management software, corporations can not only configure devices on BYOD networks. Rather, patch management software can help encrypt data, and offer an added layer of protection. To see more, read this:

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