Is Your eCommerce Website Garnering Negative Reviews?

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As the web continues to become a more ubiquitous part of our lives, via mobile platforms and traditional systems, so, too, is eCommerce becoming a force to be reckoned with when it comes to generating revenue, both in the United States and abroad. According to Digital Journal, Cyber Monday 2013 shopping saw huge increases over last year’s revenue. Across important eCommerce markets, like Google and Amazon, sales increased 33% year over year, a fact Forbes says is part of the 16.4% growth U.S. eCommerce will experience by year’s end.

Given the statistics, it shouldn’t be terribly surprising that more and more businesses are opening up digital storefronts to bolster their businesses; many are opening up digital-only stores. As any website marketing strategies service worth its salt can tell you, making the decision to open an eCommerce store is much more than web design for aesthetics and basic usability. More often than not, professional website development is the best way to build the top eCommerce solutions and reap the huge financial benefits of the worldwide web.

Focus on Security First
As a story dated December 4, 2013 from BBC News shows, cybercrime continues to be a huge issue. A gang of Russian cybercriminals, the source reports, recently stole and uploaded nearly 2 million user passwords for the popular social media platform Facebook. With businesses losing as much as $46 million a piece in 2012 due to cybercrime, according to the Ponemon Institute, and digital-based identity theft costing American citizens over $110 billion annually, as reported by Symantec, every company doing business on the web needs to take steps to protect itself and its consumers.

As CIO, a tech and business blog writes, the top eCommerce solutions make security a priority. Systems that are PCI compliant, use secure-socket-layering, and do not store sensitive data are the best for protecting consumers and businesses. A professional eCommerce website design company is the best place to turn for the top eCommerce solutions for security.

Transparent Payment and Payment Systems
Tech and marketing blog HongKiat recommends all eCommerce businesses take steps to make their payments and their payment systems transparent to their consumers. One of the biggest complaints about an eCommerce store, the source points out, is hidden fees that pop up during checkout. The top eCommerce solutions let customers know exactly what they can expect to pay for each item. Further, top eCommerce solutions show consumers how they work to protect them. As Microsoft suggests, payment systems that provide an emblem from companies like the Better Business Bureau, TRUSTe, and others, verifying the quality of their systems, perform better than those without.

Having a secure, transparent storefront is the key to building the top eCommerce solutions and improving online revenue. With the help of a knowledgeable web application development team, any company, big or small, can improve their eCommerce solutions and their business as a whole. To see more, read this: Calgary web developer

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