Local Money How Local Pharmacists are Able to Compete With Big Business Through a POS System

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Our bodies are fickle things that require a minimum amount of nutrients and care in order to keep healthy; to this end the American pharmaceutical industry produces millions of tablets, capsules, and other forms of medication every year. So vital is the science of medication that nearly three out of every four medical visits end with some form of prescription. Nearly half of the U.S. population has used at least one kind of prescribed drug within the last month, meaning that the need for trusted local pharmacies has never been greater. Here are some ways that local pharmacies are upgrading their infrastructure to compete with large-scale pharmacies to better suit the needs of their patients.

Serving Local Pharmacies

A pharmacy point of sale (POS) system enables local pharmacies to have more control than ever over their business. POS systems help managers keep track of inventory and sales in real time, giving pharmacy managers a detailed assessment of products to be flagged for reorder — keeping track of this information allows pharmacies to directly pass on savings to their patients. Modern pharmacy POS systems allow local pharmacies to keep track of customer information from any area of the sales floor; this wireless system means faster, more convenient transactions for employees and customers alike with a precision that can only be met thanks to modern technology.

Protecting Patients

While a pharmacy POS system definitely can make the job of pharmacists easier, this in turn allows pharmacists to better protect and serve their patients. A pharmacy POS system keeps accurate date of past prescriptions filled, along with details including patient side effects, the quantity of a previous prescription, and alerts for recalls and other important pieces of information that ought to be passed on to the patient — it is estimated that 10% of all hospitalizations are linked to incorrect medication usage; pharmacy POS systems can help ensure that medication is prescribed accordingly. Ensuring that medication is properly given to the right patients is only one way that pharmacy POS systems help patients: POS systems are also equipped with electronic signature capturing, integrated credit card swiping, and secure payment processing to help ensure that patients will not be subject to identity theft or fraud.

Keeping Your Money Local

As big businesses continue to expand across the nation, it has never been more important to ensure that our local economies remain stronger than ever. Supporting a local pharmacy means keeping your money local, which can help to support the community as a whole resulting in more jobs, opportunities, and an overall higher standard of living for yourself and your neighbors. Sticking with a local pharmacy also means that you enjoy a more personal level of care: there is a reason why these pharmacies have survived to the present date, and that is because there is no substitute for a caring pharmacist. Moreover, local pharmacies that upgrade to a POS system have the opportunity to offer customer loyalty programs, frequent shopper points, gift cards, and other promotions just like the competition. When it comes to your health, leave nothing to chance; trust a local pharmacist that genuinely cares to stay informed on products and address any questions and health-related concerns.

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