Things to Look for when Hiring New Employees

Hiring new employees has shifted over the years and really is a whole new ballgame in this day and age compared to finding employees years ago. Based on a 2016 Gallup poll, Millennials are the “Job Hopping Generation,” with 6 in 10 open to starting a new job at any point, more so than any generation previous. This massive change in the work force may have companies both large and small scratching there heads on how to recruit and hire new employees to join their company. We will be looking at what companies should be doing when hiring new employees and also the benefits of using an HR executive search consultant during the process.

One important thing to note about hiring new staff in 2018 is that the pool of potential employees has really become much more diversified and in a recent study the percentage of female CEOs in Fortune 500 companies reached 5 percent for the first time ever in the first quarter of 2017. This study found that there were 27 women heading major firms. Another interesting fact you should now about HR, is that research shows that gender-diverse companies are fifteen percent more likely perform better than their peers and also ethnically-diverse companies are much more likely to succeed according to a study done by McKinsey’s. Using an HR executive search consultant may help you widen your pool of potential employees and can offer expert advice that can benefit how a company operates.

Whether your company is a start up or is a well recognized high tech operation from San Francisco, HR executive search consultants can bring your company up to speed and offer new ideas that your company may not have thought of before. For instance, did you know that 2.7 million workers left their jobs voluntarily during June of 2015, that is a 25% increase compared to two years prior. This information can really help businesses decide how they should peruse hiring new staff.

Sometimes employees don’t feel happy with their work and talent acquisition can be tricky but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. When you are using a hr executive search consultant, they can help guide your company along a more successful path. A recent survey by Robert Half revealed that one-third of 1,400 executives surveyed felt the top factor leading to a failed hire, other than performance issues, is a poor skills match. The next most common reason was unclear performance objectives. An HR executive search consultant can really be beneficial to helping a company decide which employees have the best skill sets that would help them fit into the company.

These are just a few things that a company can do to when it comes to hiring new talent and how using a recruiting consultant might be a great way to really make your company successful.

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