What Can an SEO Company do for My Business?


A business owner is often concerned with how to improve their revenues. In today?s day and age, more companies are going the way of digital advertising. The popularity of the internet has changed the way companies grow. In this post, you will learn about what SEO services can do to help grow your business.

  • Ensures Mobile Readiness: Mobile devices have certainly risen in popularity over the past decade. Innovations in mobile phones mean a vast majority are able to access the internet. It is vital that a web design team has a mobile friendly version of your website created.

    A website not ready for mobile devices will likely display incorrectly. A web page that doesn?t display properly could come across as unprofessional to a visitor. In addition, search engines have recently been placing ranking importance on a website being mobile friendly.

  • Create an Expertly Designed Website: Digital marketing isn?t just about ranking in search engines. These professionals can create a stunning website for your business. Recent research shows that 46 percent of those surveyed stated the design of a website is the biggest factor in determining a company?s credibility.

    Another important factor in website creation is page speed. If your website loads too slowly, it could steer visitors away. A study found that 40 percent of people will leave a website if it takes over three seconds to load.

  • Helps to Rank Website Highly in Search Engines: It is estimated that 93 percent of online sessions start with a search engine. These engines have completely transformed how we use the internet. Research found that 70 percent of search engine links users click on are organic.

    The links you see on the sides of search engines are known as paid listings. Organic listings will show up naturally because they aren?t recognized as ads. Visitors often feel that organic listings are more trustworthy. Having organic rankings can greatly improve website traffic. A study found that 75 percent of search engine users don?t ever make it past the first page of results.

  • Drives Increased Traffic to Website: Visitors don?t always have to come from only search engine rankings. There are SEO services which can also help to increase your social presence. Recently, major search engines have placed increased importance on the social presence of a business.

    However, there are steps an SEO company can take to create amazing social platforms for your company. A web design team will create engaging website content that can be shared on these platforms. Combining multiple sources of traffic can vastly improve business revenue. An SEO company can combine social media and a website for maximum results.

  • In summary, SEO services can greatly improve the success of a business. Having a website that loads properly on mobile devices is a plus for visitors and search engines. A website that is expertly designed is a great online representation of your business. An SEO company can help to ensure that your website ranks well in search engines. Research shows that 80 percent of websites not meeting traffic goals have less than 10,000 monthly website visits.

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