What is a Gaming Server

In this video, you will learn about what game servers actually are and what powers them. The video shows you the inside of the server and dissects it. Each piece of the game server is taken apart and discussed using technical terms.

Video Source

The video goes into detail about how new technology gives people the ability to host their own private servers. Minecraft is a popular game that people use private servers for. Using coding, a gaming server can run over the internet at high speeds. It is useful for gaming, design, video editing, and just about everything else. Every logged-in user gets their own dedicated hardware. The cost of individual servers is diminished with a new type of technology called component sharing. Depending on what tier it is, the online gaming server is designed for specific types of hosting. Game servers have become more popular as video games such as Minecraft are still on the rise. Minecraft server hosting, in particular, yielded the construction of specific game servers, that can support the bandwidth of hosting a game. Servers give you the ability to connect to people all over the world, and the ability to store data to and from each server.

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