5 Reasons to Hire a Full-Service Advertising Agency

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When companies want to increase the awareness of their brand and grow its reach, they often struggle with the best way to approach marketing and advertising. Many think that the most cost effective thing to do is create an in-house advertising team to handle it. They think that, by forgoing getting help from a full-service advertising agency, they will save the business money and improve their bottom line. This is simply not true. There are a number of reasons to outsource your advertising campaigns.

  1. Advertising agencies have more experience. When you hire a full-service advertising agency, you do not not just get one or even a few experts, you get an experienced team of advertising professionals that can help develop and implement strategies across a number of platforms. All successful marketing and advertising campaigns employ a number of tactics to promote businesses. For example, digital marketing techniques are becoming more and more important. You will want your advertising campaign to include print and digital marketing. You agency will have experts in each of the strategies that will be used in your campaign. Unless you hire a large team, you cannot duplicate the breadth of the experience you get with a full-service advertising agency.
  2. You will save yourself a lot of time. There is a learning curve with starting an advertising and marketing campaign on your own. When businesses decide to do all of their advertising and marketing on their own, they end up spending a lot more time on the process than businesses who opt to hire a creative agency to handle the marketing and advertising for them. There are also a lot of details that need to be tended to while implementing an advertising campaign. All of the time a business owner spends hiring an in house advertising team and working on these plans could be better spent working on growing the business itself. By hiring a full-service marketing agency, you save yourself a lot of time and headaches. In that respect, they pay for themselves very quickly.
  3. Hiring a full-service marketing agency will give you more options. When you go with an agency, you are hiring advertising experts who know all of the options you have available and that would be best for your business and what you sell. There may be options out there that you are not even aware of. It is important to go with professionals who can take your brand to the next level by using innovative advertising methods and strategies.
  4. They can save you money on advertising. When you go with a full-service marketing agency, you are probably dealing with a company that has made a lot of ad buys before. When they call the various outlets in which you want to place advertising, they can work with the media to get a better rate for your. You are using them to leverage all of the business that they do with that media outlet. In this way, you will spend less on your advertising plan than if you took care of all of it on your own. This is another way hiring an agency can pay for itself.
  5. They have relationships with media. When you are looking at getting more exposure to the public, there are a few kinds of media you can get. There is the advertising you pay for and there is what is called “earned” or “free” media. This is neither, really. If you have a new product launching, you may be able to get press coverage. This is often trusted more than an ad and can be very helpful. When you hire a full-service advertising agency, they may be able to help you get this kind of coverage for your company or product. Having developed good relationships with the media outlets in your area is one way to get better news coverage of what you are doing. The ad agency can also look over what you are doing and tell you what is and is not “newsworthy.”

Developing and implementing positive and productive advertising campaigns can be time and labor consuming. Hiring a full-service advertising agency can be a cost effective way to raise your brand awareness and profits.

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