A Single Lost Document Can Cost Hundreds Of Dollars Saving Money With Onsite Document Scanning

Documents today are under a lot of duress.

They have to keep people’s information in-tact. They need to be shuffled back and forth on a routine basis, sometimes daily, and kept from the ever popular disappearing act. They also need to be energy-efficient, particularly in today’s fast-paced and eco-friendly world. If your business isn’t achieving all of this and then some? You’re putting yourself in a position of losing money.

Onsite document scanning is a useful resource that can cut into the minute costs that, sooner or later, have you sinking instead of flying. Check out these five facts about onsite document scanning and the many ways businesses put themselves in the sinkhole.

Productivity Loss Is At An All-Time High

Are you noticing things aren’t moving as fast as they could be? Do you worry about how many hours you’re losing in a given week? You could be experiencing the subtle side-effect of productivity loss, particularly if your business is a little behind on the technology side of things. A global survey of both workers and IT professionals by IDC found document challenges accounting for at least 20% of productivity loss. Document conversion services aren’t just a good tool, they’re practically a cry for help in today’s cluttered times.

Losing Documents Is Very Costly

Just how much does it cost to misplace a document? According to recent studies nearly 8% of all documents will be lost at some point, with another 3% being misfiled. Companies will spend around $20 in labor to file a document, with another $120 in labor devoted to finding a misfiled document and putting it where it needs to be. Multiply that by dozens of hundreds to get a better idea as to all the money you’re losing in a given month. Document scanning services are a modern way of approaching a very old problem.

Customer Confidence Is Essential For Any Business Model

Here’s another reason why you should give your documents a second glance…your customer’s confidence in your business. Why would any person want to spend their hard-earned money and finite time on a company that’s loose with their security? A lost document can have sensitive information, ranging from Social Security numbers to addresses, and that’s even before we get into delays because a submitted paper was lost in the shuffle. There are over four trillion paper documents in the country alone, growing at a rate of 20% per year.

Many Traditional Methods Of Saving Documents Are Obsolete

Out with the old, in with the new. Onsite document scanning is providing a sleek, efficient method of keeping track of a flurry of information, all with the intent to save you money and keep customers’ faith. For example, eSigning has been found to reduce document turnaround time by nearly 80%. Consider the average document is photocopied 20 times and nearly 80% of businessowners, according to a recent survey, want to be able to access files remotely out of convenience. Microfiche conversion and digital scanning service just make sense.

Scanning On Site Saves You Time And Money

You want to save time and money without giving up quality. Your customers want to trust you with their private information. Onsite document scanning services ensure everyone is happy. A single lost document creates a snowball of wasted time that can be felt by many — it takes around five minutes, on average, to walk to the filing cabinet, find a document, and do what’s needed with it. A service that scans on site will save you the trouble of picking up the pieces after a sloppy, old-fashioned method of storage goes wrong.

Documents go through a lot before reaching their destination…if they reach it at all. Let document conversion services save you — and everyone else — the trouble.

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