A Single Lost Document Can Cost Hundreds Of Dollars Saving Money With Onsite Document Scanning

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Documents today are under a lot of duress.

They have to keep people’s information in-tact. They need to be shuffled back and forth on a routine basis, sometimes daily, and kept from the ever popular disappearing act. They also need to be energy-efficient, particularly in today’s fast-paced and eco-friendly world. If your business isn’t achieving all of this and then some? You’re putting yourself in a position of losing money.

Onsite document scanning is a useful resource that can cut into the minute costs that, sooner or later, have you sinking instead of flying. Check out these five facts about onsite document scanning and the many ways businesses put themselves in the sinkhole.

Productivity Loss Is At An All-Time High

Are you noticing things aren’t moving as fast as they could be? Do you worry about how many hours you’r