Starting a New Business? Contact a VoIP Phone Consultant

Traditional based phone systems

If you’ve just launched your first business, you want world-class phone solutions to assist with your day-to-day operations. Furthermore, when you choose an effective system, it can reduce your start-up and working costs as well as create a more efficient workplace environment.

If you’ve been in business for a while, and are still using an old traditional phone system, isn’t it time to upgrade? By the end of 2018, experts predict that only six percent of people in the United States will still use a traditional landline.

If you have a small business, you may be interested to know that switching to Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, can reduce your local phone costs. It’s been shown that these costs can be reduced up to 40%, which is a significant figure.

Furthermore, your initial costs can also be reduced. When you choose VoIP as a new business phone solution, your business start-up costs can be reduced up to 90%.

In addition to reducing costs, VoIp business systems can make a major impact on communication efficiency and effectiveness. An article in Forbes discussed a study that was conducted with over ten-thousand companies that reported an improvement in their employees’ time management.

The results of this study showed that prior to adopting VoIP, extended response times between calls actually wasted 71% of the Internet leads received by these businesses. This study also showed that return calls, on average, took two days. When considering that representative were only calling 1.3 times, it’s not a surprise that these Internet leads were wasted.

When Unified Communication services that include VoIP are adopted, organizations have reported that their in-house communications have improved. Each employee, for example, was able to save approximately 32 minutes a day because they were able to contact each other on their first attempt.

Message management is also a major business concern, and unified messaging is a time-saving feature. Employees have been able to save 43 minutes a day as a result of using this. It also makes a difference with mobile workers. They were able to save 55 minutes a day due to having a more efficient message management system.

Mobile technology usage is increasing, according to The Connected Executive, Forbes Insights, 2016. This report predicated that in 2016, 51% of organizations would be conducting business primarily on these devices.

Since Unified Communications includes everything from instant messaging to video conferencing, it’s clear how effective it can be as a means to connect with colleagues, employees, and clients. A recent survey showed that three-way calling is currently the most popular business phone feature.

It’s also interesting to note that in 2015, 70% of business contact centers were planning to expand their usage of virtual agents. This feature can also make a major difference by increasing access to your business.

When asked what business feature they would most like to see in the future, a recent survey showed that 38% of its participants wanted to be able to access their voice mail messages by e-mail attachments. Given recent technological advancements, it’s likely this is already being developed.

More and more businesses are choosing to upgrade to cloud based business phone systems that possess advanced hosted telephone technologies. These world-class phone solutions are making it even easier to maintain contact with employees, colleagues, customers, and clients.

When looking for world-class phone solutions for your business, it makes sense to choose Unified Communications and VoIp. If you’re still using an old landline to conduct business, it’s time to go-mobile.

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