What Is One Marketing Strategy Every Business Should Practice?

Should all businesses concern themselves with social media marketing? To be competitive in today’s marketplace, a company needs to have a some level of social media marketing skills. This could easily take the form of social media marketing ads. When utilized properly, a company can increase their brand awareness and increase organic inbound traffic in a fairly cost effective way.

How Has Marketing Changed In the Last 20 Years?

Marketing is not the same as it was 50 years ago. It’s not even the same as it was 25 years ago. What’s changed? It’s simple; social media has changed the way companies do business. It is a platform that allows every user a voice. Here’s how a company can use this to their advantage.

How to Increase Brand Awareness Online.

If a company doesn’t have an online presence, their reach is limited. Almost everyone is online throughout the day. What are they doing? A person’s online activity can range from internet browser searches to time on social media sites.

This brings an opportunity for businesses wanting to increase their brand awareness. In a study by SalesForce Marketing Cloud, it was discovered that nearly 83% of respondents were delighted when a brand responded to their social media inquiries. People like to feel recognized. A brand that takes the time to create a social media presence can increase the number of people who visit their business website.

How to Increase Inbound Traffic to a Business Website.

As many as 53% of marketers believe that content creation is what brings people to their website. While this is a solid inbound marketing strategy, there are other options to consider. Social media marketing ads are another marketing method that can yield excellent results.

Organic links make up about 70% of the total search links internet users click. This is good news for businesses relying on search engine optimization. SEO tactics work well with social media ads, as the ads must follow the algorithm that decides what a person sees based on past online browsing history. This is a marketing method that is remarkably cost-effective in comparison to its return on investment.

When Looking For a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy, Consider Social Media Marketing Ads.

Among the many marketing strategies, social media marketing ads have been indicated as perhaps the best option in terms of an initial return on investment. Print ads and mail ads have a very small success rate. Nearly 70% of online referrals are made by word-of-mouth. Social media is built on the premise of people sharing data online with each other, making it the perfect opportunity for a business to gain popularity.

The amount of success a business today can experience is limited if they do not have an online presence. With the right strategy, it is possible to increase in-bound traffic, increase brand awareness. Any company today can benefit from social media marketing.

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