When a Building Needs New Fire Sprinklers

A number of hazards may threaten a building and the people and property inside of it. If a structure is near a fault line, it may collapse during an earthquake unless it is built on the correct type of foundation, for example. Or, a building near the East Coast may be buffeted by a hurricane, and specialized windows and doors may need to be installed to protect against strong winds and wind-blown debris. And in the Midwest, tornadoes are a common threat in spring and summer, also bringing powerful winds and wind-blown debris. But no matter where a building is, fire is a universal hazard. The threat of fire isn’t based on climate or fault lines; it could happen anywhere, so fire codes are common among state and city governments to ensure the safety of the buildings and everyone in them. A number of systems are installed in new buildings and maintained during operations, from fire alarms and fire exit doors to automatic fire sprinkler designs. Fire sprinkler design companies are responsible for creating newer and more effective models of these systems and installing them into a client’s building, and this can save both lives and property.

What Fire Sprinklers Can Do

Ever since 1874, automatic fire sprinklers have been hard at work in the United States, and they are a water-efficient means of fighting open flames (reducing water usage to fight fires by as much as 90%). Fire sprinkler systems need no human input after they are installed; rather, they are connected to smoke detectors and other systems that alert the sprinklers to a fire. The sprinkler heads, which are connected to a series of water supply pipes, will then activate and spray their water everywhere that they can from the ceiling. It should be noted that not every sprinkler in a building will turn on when a fire is detected; that would be highly wasteful of water, and it would cause a lot of avoidable property damage. Instead, only the sprinkler heads in an affected area turn on, maximizing efficiency.

Fire Sprinkler Design Companies

Fire sprinklers don’t come out of nowhere. Fire sprinkler design companies are where fire sprinkler designers (engineers) develop new models of these fire-fighting devices, and a new building being constructed will certainly need anti-fire measures. Construction crews on the job will work with fire sprinkler design companies to get this done, and other contractors may install regular wall-mounted fire alarms and firefighting hoses as well. Fire sprinkler design companies must adhere to city and state fire protection codes, and this is true when they update existing hardware, too.

When is it time to have fire sprinklers installed? A building may need replacement fire sprinklers or other hardware if its current system is out of date or not fully functional, and this could constitute a fire hazard otherwise. A building may inspected regularly for its fire protection services, and faulty or outdated systems will be overhauled. This may involve not only putting in new hardware, but refreshing employees about fire safety. A fire sprinkler training video may be in order, along with fire escape plans. After all, even when fire sprinklers activated to fight a fire, all people inside a building should evacuate at once. This means that everyone should know where the fire exits are, and these exits should always be clearly labeled and left unobstructed. Drills can keep employees prepared to rush to the exits without getting lost or causing blockages in the hallways.

An old building may have new fire sprinklers put in when a new owner moves in. Some business owners and entrepreneurs purchase older buildings and put them to new use, and this means checking over all of the hardware in that building. Everything from the plumbing to the heating and cooling system to the fire sprinklers and alarms must be looked over, and anything that’s worn out or a violation of local codes must be replaced and upgraded. Older buildings may have non-functional fire sprinklers in them, or might not have any at all. The fire alarms on the walls might also be inert, and need to be replaced with new ones. This can keep everyone in the building safe in case of a sudden fire.

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