How An Answering Service Can Make Your Business More Competitive

Answering services

Few companies would disagree that listening to your customers is crucial to business success. Considering that typically only 4% of dissatisfied customers are actually heard by an organization, then need to listen seems overwhelmingly strong. While social media certainly has a role to play in connecting companies with their clientele, the humble telephone is still the preferred form of contact for over 60% of American customers, at least when it come stop customer service. Little wonder then that more companies are opting for 24 hour answering service facilities to ensure that customers can reach them at any time.

Studies have found that such 24 hour answering services can improve customer satisfaction because of their always available nature and the feeling that customers can always contact the business. Most business telephone answering services can assist with customer concerns, complaints and questions quickly and easily and are more affordable than most would expect.

Customer service ranks highly for most customers, with close to 60% saying they would switch brands for better customer service, close to 80% saying that an intended purchase had ended as a result of a negative customer service experience, and over 55% indicating they would pay more for better customer service. In fact, online purchases would be abandoned by as much as 45% of those surveyed if they were unable to have their concerns or questions addressed swiftly.

News of poor customer service spreads quickly in a social age and in fact most people are twice as likely to share such negative experiences with their social circles, including family and friends, than a positive one. It takes as many as 12 good customer service experiences to negate just one poor customer service experience. Good customer service can result in as much as 81% of those surveyed returning to a company to purchase when they are next in need of a particular item. Customer retention can have a huge impact on business success; as little as a 55 rise in retention can increase profits by as much as 125%. Studies have shown that those that prioritize their customer service tend to enjoy profits was much as 60% higher than their competitors who do not.

Investing in a professional answering service or virtual receptionist services makes sense in an increasingly competitive business environment. A live operator answering service can make all the difference to the success of your business.

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