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8 Questions to Ask Potential Executive Search Firms

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If you are starting the hiring process, working with experts in hiring and recruitment makes a lot of sense. Experts at executive search firms can be very helpful in hiring new staff that will stay with your company for a long time. It is estimated that 22% of new hires leave their jobs within 45 days. Common problems they encountered were include poor performance and temperament issues. Employment issues can cost a company anywhere between 30% to 150% of that person’s salary. Companies that have programs for employee programs report that their workers are happier. Here are some questions you should ask before you hire an executive search firm.

  1. Get their compl

Upgrade Your Business Communication Infrastructure With the Right VoIP Solutions

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Phone system installation

For any business, one of the most important business processes that need to be on point for smooth day to day operation is communication. Businesses need robust, efficient and scalable lines of communication both internally and externally to function productively, and the quality and performance of these lines of communication achieve a lot in the normal functioning of any business. Whether it is people in the business communicating with each other, smooth communication with customers and prospective customers, open lines of communication with vendors and business partners or communication while on the move, the need to have the right kind of communication in an enterprise setting is something that cannot be ignored, and businesses strive to find the best tools for the job all the time.

If y

What Makes Small Business Owners Succeed? Market Research is One Key Component

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Plastic bulk containers

Every year, more than 5 million new American business owners do their best to take their companies from the ground floor to the stratosphere: unfortunately, most new businesses fold after the first year. The percentage of businesses that can survive more than five years remains relatively low. What is the secret to forming a successful small business? Are there any tips and tricks that successful entrepreneurs know that they’re not telling the rest of us? An important aspect of getting a business up and running is knowing your local audience, but internet marketing and advertising is also vital in this era of ecommerce.

Some entrepreneurial magazines recommend that new business owners think about their investment costs versus their reach, which means that you want to be sure that you can rec

Find Skilled Employees with an IT Security Recruiter

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Sales and marketing positions

There appears to be a shortage of skilled candidates in various employment sectors, according to a recent survey. When polled, 71% claimed to have experienced a lack of skilled applicants in 2014, which was slightly lower than in 2013, when they reported a 76% shortage of skilled candidates.

This is one of the many reasons how recruiting services can be of benefit to search for and locate skilled candidates. In 2013, for example, 5.9% of the companies polled stated that their external hires were handled by recruiters. Furthermore, not only was this figure doubled from 2012, it also represents the most substantial increase in well over a decade.

This rise in the use of recruiting companies demonstrates that they are able to find prospective candidates with the right skill sets. There i

Understanding Financial Growth and Investing

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Wealth management rochester ny

When it comes to your financial growth, you want to make sure that you’re hiring only the most successful financial advisor. As a Millennial, you are now entering the work force with full strength and you want to make sure you are making all of the right decision for your future. Investing is going to be a huge part of your future and getting started on it now is one of the best things you could do for your wealth. Here’s some ways employing financial services can help you build your business to the next level.

You Will Be Able to Invest In Your Retirement Now

One of the things you may not be worried about now as a Millennial is your retirement. However, the generation before you wasn’t as concerned about their retirement and this has led to many of them being i

How An Answering Service Can Make Your Business More Competitive

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Answering services

Few companies would disagree that listening to your customers is crucial to business success. Considering that typically only 4% of dissatisfied customers are actually heard by an organization, then need to listen seems overwhelmingly strong. While social media certainly has a role to play in connecting companies with their clientele, the humble telephone is still the preferred form of contact for over 60% of American customers, at least when it come stop customer service. Little wonder then that more companies are opting for 24 hour answering service facilities to ensure that customers can reach them at any time.

Studies have found that such 24 hour answering services can improve customer satisfaction

Is Ethernet Still Relevant? 3 Reasons to Stick to the Cable

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Usb 3 cable

Sure, WiFi is easy, convenient, and simple — but is it really the best option? You may be surprised to learn that there are any other options for connecting to the Internet. If that’s the case, listen up: Ethernet may be calling your name.

In the days before WiFi, people had to actually use network Ethernet cables to connect their computers to the world wide web. Many people still do. And it’s not because they’re dinosaurs or Luddites. Ethernet cables actually offer many benefits over WiFi, including:

  • Speed: Ethernet cables come in different “categories” that indicate their speed and frequency max capacities. Cat5 cables can transfer up to 10Mbps at 100

Going Digital How a Creative Agency Can Help You

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Atlanta creative agency

What’s the digital marketing tactic with the highest return on investment (ROI)? You may be surprised to learn that it is actually email. While many might consider the humble email to be passed its prime, the savvy digital marketer knows that it still packs a punch, even though only 8% of companies have a dedicated email marketing team. In contrast, as much as 78% have a dedicated social media team. A good creative agency can help any business get their digital tactics in line and ensure that you aren’t missing out on customers.

Given that about a quarter of all company marketing budgets in 2014 were spent on digital and that figure is likely to jump to over three quarters in the next five years, it is clear that a digital strategy is vital to a company’s success. Many businesses, though, do not

Struggling With Employee Retention In Your Company Or Small Business?

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Executive placement agency

How, exactly, does a successful business model maintain itself? It’s one thing to have all the right pieces in place — a good marketing plan, a solid budget and a bevy of resources to tap into at any given moment. It’s another thing entirely to keep these proverbial cogs moving back and forth throughout the year when it seems anything can go wrong. An issue facing many businesses big and small is the struggle of employee satisfaction and retention. Human resource staffing is a necessary component to analyze sociological trends and emotional stability in various populations, but not all businesses have asked for the assistance of outplacement companies. Will you be the one to break the pattern?

What Is Employ

4 Dangerous Reasons Why People Miss Opportunites

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Financial advisor rochester ny

There are quite a lot of people that will get an opportunity to do something but decided not to. This could be in the realm of financial investment or traveling or careerwise how many other areas of life. There’s something about the human brain that seems to avoid opportunity. It’s an interesting phenomenon because we all want to live the dream but then we can’t see it when it’s offered to us. Here are a few reasons that someone would not take advantage of a great opportunity.

You Live in Fear
Fear is an interesting thing. It’s not really an